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    reserves questions

    Hi Guys,

    I have some questions regarding reserves in 5th edition.

    (1)First off, there is some debate in my head weather or not you roll a single roll for a platoon or one for each element (unit) in the platoon.

    If the former is true, then all kinds of weird situations happen. For instance, say you have a platoon with a command squad 2 10 man squads and a remnant squad. The 2 10 man squads have light infantry and the whole platoon has the drop troops doctrine.
    I decide to start the command squad on the board, outflank with one of the 10 man squads and deep strike with the other 2 elements. Say turn 3 they come in, the out flankers hit the board fine, but the deep strikers get held in reserve due to mishaps. Do I then roll separately for the 2 units still in reserve or again one roll for the elements of the platoon that haven't come in yet.

    Also can different elements of the platoon be held in different types of reserve, with my platoon above could I for instance, start the command squad, outflank with one 10 man, regular reserve move with the other 10 man and deep strike with the remnant squad?

    I used this type of strategy to fairly good success this weekend in a tournament and I was wondering if I actually cheated or not?. I played reserve rolls like 4th ed and just rolled a single reserves roll for each platoon, even in my wacky example.

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    you can have part of a platoon deepstrike, you dont have to have the whole platoon deepstrike, and yes it is only 1 roll for the whole platoon
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