WH apocalypse: Seraphim Quior and Sacred Storm - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    WH apocalypse: Seraphim Quior and Sacred Storm

    Hey everyone, today my local GW hosted apocalypse and what fun it was playing my 2500 odd points of battle sisters.

    I arrived at 9.30 and the match was scheduled for 12pm, i unpacked my figure cases and the hobby centre manager asked me if i had any formations planned, i told him there werent any and he said that seing as the sisters may be a dominant force in this game i ought to make some of my own, I owned 20 seraphim and the store gave me 10more so i wrote a seraphim formation, i also officially wrote rules for my sisters baneblade, the SACRED STORM

    Witch Hunters Apocalypse

    PTS: 150+models

    Sisters of Battle Seraphim Chior


    . 10-40 Seraphim with bolt pistols

    . 2-10 Seraphim superiors

    . 3-10 Seraphim with hand flamers

    . 1-1 Cannoness with jump pack

    The seraphim Quoir has the SCOUTS special rule

    The seraphim Quior may make an extra 2d6 move instead of assaulting in either players assault phase AFTER all charges have been declared

    The seraphim Quior has the HIT AND RUN special rule

    Once during the game in your own shooting phase ALL seraphim are allowed to re-roll to hit, this bonus is ON TOP of (as well as) the twin linked wepons and happens AFTER twin linked wepons are re-rolled

    If there are 5seraphim with hand falamers they may combine their flamers to fire a special issue wepon called vulcan pistols, the profile is found below (if there are 10 seraphim, they may fire twin linked vulcan pistols)

    Vulcan Pistols

    Strength: 10 AP: 1

    10 1 melta, gets hot

    large template

    Vulcan Pistols always roll 2d6 penetration on vehicles

    Every member contributing to firing the vulcan pistols suffer a gets hot roll

    Witch Hunters Apocalypse

    PTS: 700

    Sisters of Battle Baneblade, the Sacred Storm

    Front Armour: 14

    Side Armour: 14

    Back Armour: 14

    Structure Points: 3


    1x Baneblade Battlecannon

    2x Twin linked multimelta

    2x Twin linked heavy flamer

    1x Inferno Cannon (see below)


    Strength: x AP: 2

    large template X 2

    The inferno Cannon always wounds on a roll of 2+

    The inferno Cannon rolls 2d6+6 armour penetration against vehicles


    If there is a unit within 12" of the Sacred Storm with the adepta sorroritas or faithful rule the Sacred Storm may attempt to regenerate.

    Roll 2d6, on a roll of 9 or 10, the Sacred Storm regenerates a structure point, on a roll of 11 or 12 the Sacred Storm regenerates 2 structure points, on a roll of 2-8, that many members of the squad attempting to self repair suffer a strength 6 AP3 hit with no saves from acts of faith allowed.

    Sorry about how the formations copied into the thread but i started it in excell, srry

    So yeh, opinions and other ideas will be gr8ly appreciated

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    that quior seems a bit too powerful

    Suffer not the heretic. That's right, I'm looking at you Astartes Librarians.

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