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    What to do, what to do...

    I have just recently stepped over from WHFB into 40k and purchased a SW army as I play WOC and really dig the Viking/Space Viking thing.

    Anyways I have about 6 months worth of painting still to do on my 5000pts of WOC so there was no way I was going to get into 40k and have another yr worth of painting on those models. So I did what most people with alittle surplus cash would do and went out to buy a pre-painted army Ebay style.

    Now that you are caught up here is where YOU come in. This weekend is a 1000pt little tourny at the store here and I have only played 3-4 games with a buddy on the table I have in my spare room so far. I have the basics down, but am nowhere near where I should be to make a tournament army, and the games I played from the box set were standard marines and now I am using Space Wolves. I am going to list the available models and want to see what you thought a good list would be. I have made a couple but I wanted to have some comparisons to go off of. The store is using the old SM book this last time as the new book "officially" hits the stands this weekend.

    First off I have 2 major questions:
    1. Can I use standard marine units out of the SM Codex? It says I can use any marine units not replaced by the SW book but I do not know if that includes the stock marine.

    2. What is the average size of a space marine unit? It looks like the guy I bought it from has them painted out to 10 man units, but these seem very pricey. I could drop some of the weapon upgrades I list below, but without any real experience playing it I would assume less.

    Ok so here are my available painted troops:

    1x Annihilator w/ dual lascannon side and dual las cannon turret.

    2x Whirlwind

    1x Rhino w/ Stock storm Bolter

    5x Bikes 2 w/ Powerfist 1 w/ power weapon 1 meltagun? *see below*
    (One bike has a hvy weapon on the handlebars instead of 2x bolters)

    1x Tornado

    10x Marines w/ Bolt Gun and Chainsword

    2X Marines w/ Plasma Pistol and Chainsword

    2x Marines w/ PLasma pistol

    2x Marines w/ Bolt gun and Powerfist

    2x Marines w/ Bolter and Powerfist

    2x Marines w/ Bolt gun and power weapon.

    6x Marines with Bolter *see below*
    ( The Bolter has a bayonet on end so I assume it was used the same as Bolter+Chainsword combo from above when it came to the game mechanics. These guys are the main reason for the first question from earlier as it seems they COULD have been used as standard marines with bolters also if that was legal.)

    6x 13th company Wulfen. ( Werewolves with Bolter+Chainsword)

    I also have all the available special characters along with 2 guys covered in wolfpelts, tails, etc. which I assume he used as the wolfguard leaders for his units.

    **I also have the unpainted models from the AOBR box set, and this tourny is laid back enough that I will not be required to have all the models painted so I could use these if necessary:

    1x Dreadnaught with Multi-Melta

    5x Terminators
    (had some extra bits from the Ebay purchase which contained a Hvy Flamer arm so is available for modding)

    10x Marines with Bolters including a Sarg and the Captain models. Also have the Multi-melta, flamer, and rocket launcher guy from this lot I had planned to use as scouts until I could afford to cap this army off. I really only lack the 5x Long Fangs, 5x scouts, and a land raider to finish it up probably.

    As I said I am new so any info/tips much appreciated, and thanks in advance for any help. =)

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    First off, grab the Space Wolf Codex. That describes exactly which units you can take. Basically, it's just vehicles from the Space Marine Codex. Everything else is replaced by SW-specific units.

    However, you can only use Wulfen in Apocalypse, there's a datasheet, or if you use the 13th Company Space Wolves list from the Eye of Terror Codex, which is rarely allowed in tournaments, and 13th Co. Can't take vehicles anyway, so given the models you have, I wouldn't reccomend it.

    And finally, welcome to the fold, Wolf-Brother!!!
    *quaffs Wulfsmeade*

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