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    White Scars Patrol Suggestions ?

    Hey there,
    I'm kinda new to Warhammer 40k and I started to collect a White Scars army.
    The models I have now are :
    6 Bikers
    1 Chaplain on Bike
    1 Rhino/Razorback
    and a tactical squad consisting of 10 marines

    As I'm new to the game and I won't be able to expand my army fast, I'm looking for playing patrol games. Because that I'm a beginner, I want to set up a roster so that I will be able to learn how to play with White Scars and their characteristics and I'm not pretty sure how to make a good, long-term playable patrol roster. Also I want to be able to use the models that I've bought for patrol in the future too.

    Can you help me make a roster like that ?

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    Hey there, well with the force you've got so far I think it'll be a case of using nearly all of it to make a Combat Patrol.

    I don't yet have the new codex so I'm a little stumped on exact points but roughly I would say:

    HQ - Chaplin on Bike

    Troops - 5 Marines (a combat squad appropriately enough) with a sargent
    transported in a Razorback (the Razorback is your chance to get a heavy weapon)

    Fast Attack - Either two units of 3 Marine bikers or one unit of 5 depending on the final allowance of points

    A very mobile force as fits the White Scars, your goal on the table will be to make sure you choose the combats and hit with an overwhealming blow when you do choose.

    Hope the basic ideas help, sorry I can't be more accurate.

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    I'd personally take a Captain with Power sword on bike, as that would allow you to take squads of 5 or more bikes as troop choices.

    Anyway, you have a good starting position there, let me give you some base point values:

    6 Bikers - 165points
    1 Chaplain on Bike - 135points
    1 Rhino/Razorback - 35/40points
    and a tactical squad consisting of 10 marines - 170points

    without any upgrades, that lot comes to 510points.
    Ideally, a combat patrol should be noe more than 400points, so you might want to adjust your army list a little.

    Check out Patrol Clash Here for all the naggy details on playing Combat Patrol, it should help you design a good army list =)

    Feel free to post any questions about Combat Patrol or your army in general, or PM me if you want.

    Let us know when you get your first game with your army and how it goes =)


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