Hey all. I'm in the process of creating an army list, but I really can't create any army without giving them a legit back story. I think it's curse, but I'm not sure yet.

So, while I'm still working on the fluff for the actual chapter, here's the finished fluff and special rules for my Librarian HQ choice. Note: You'll see a couple special rules tossed into the mix when I post my final fluff and army list, but they shouldn't have anything to do with actual gameplay, just some of my own creations to give my Chapter a little flavor. If you do see something that conflicts with actual gameplay, please point it out. Anyway, here it goes:

Lord of the Fight
3rd Company Librarian Isaiah Zayth……………………………………………………………………………………175 Points

The figure stood in the window of the ruined cathedral and gazed out over the city bellow her. A light fog lay wherever her eyes roamed making it hard to make out anything, but still her eyes moved. What she was searching for needed to be found. She would not fail in her mission again. A light wind rolled through the fog and gently played with her balance; she swayed slightly and grasped a nearby stone gargoyle for support. A small tingling shot up her arm as she connected with whatever spiritual force had been left in the building when it was consecrated all those years ago, but she ignored the strange sensation. All that mattered now was the prize.

She shivered. It wouldn’t be long before they would return, she thought. Turing from the window, she walked to the middle of the small room in which she stood. A table with a small lantern and a map lay in front of her and she reached out with a slender finger and traced a line on the map. It was the path which she had taken from the city walls to her current location. Her accomplices, the very ones she was waiting for now, had entered at a different point, and by moving her finger slightly, she was able to trace their projected line of movement. The distance they were supposed to have traveled was less than half the distance she travelled, yet it was still taking more than twice the time to cover that distance. She frowned. That couldn’t be right. Something must have happened.

She twirled around swiftly and made her way to the window. With nothing more than a glance at the three story drop beneath her, she launched herself into the air and landed in a soundless crouch. Moving at a soft jog, she glided along in fog, sticking to the shadows whenever possible.

He couldn’t see her moving, but he could feel her presence in the fog. She was a strong light shimmering with energy in the blackness. He had taken care to mask his own presence, and so far it had worked, but how long this would last against his enemy, he wasn’t sure. The action that needed to be taken had to be swift. He smiled; that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

His eyes closed. It was time to let her know he was here.

She could feel it, a group of small, warm lights that she recognized immediately: these were the companions she was after. They were moving in random patterns as if unsure what direction they should face. These were sure signs that they had seen something in the fog and were trying to lock down its position. She grinned. It had been a while since she had seen combat. A fight would be refreshing. Blood for the Blood God.

Reaching behind her right shoulder she drew out a heavily ornamented blade that glowed softly in her grasp. The fog around her lit up with a blue sheen as the light from the sword reflected of the tiny water droplets. Gazing lovingly at the weapon, the figure tightened her grasp and nodded, moving of in the direction of her companions.

And then she stopped. Another presence has suddenly revealed itself and the effect it had on her was instantly noticeable. Her skin paled and the intake of her breath was like the hissing of a thousand snakes. He was here. Her air of confidence was immediately replaced by one of uneasiness. What was the Lord of the Fight doing here? Did he seek the same thing she did? Her pace quickened as she hurried to join her comrades up ahead. Questions filled her mind as she ran, and then one sense overcame the confusion in her head. She felt a slight flux in the Warp as if something had slipped in and then out at an incredible speed…
And then he was there. Crouching with one knee on the ground fifteen yards away, the power armored figure had one hand on his drawn sword, which he had driven point down into the ground. His eyes closed and a slight smile playing across his face.

“Going somewhere, Farseer?”

While certainly not the wisest Librarian in the Darksider Chapter, Isaiah is certainly the strangest. Even before his inception into the Darksiders, Isaiah was a vicious warrior and a master swordsman. During the Trials of Victor IV, he held his own against the 5th Company Captain for a full minute before being knocked out; the longest any mere man has fought against the might of a Darksider Space Marine and stayed conscious. After many years, his ability has only improved, and many say that only the Chapter Champion can surpass his skill now.

However, it wasn’t until his initiation, when the Chapter Librarians began their psychic tests, that Isaiah’s true potential was revealed. The Librarians found that Isaiah had enormous untrained psychic ability and that he has already unknowingly been using some of this power to help him fight. Tapping into his memories, the Librarians found that during his battle against the 5th Company Captain, Isaiah had been able to sense each blow that the captain had swung slightly before it landed. It was this knowledge, even though he did not know where it came from, that allowed Isaiah to survive against the Captain for so long.

The Librarians immediately began to teach the boy how to nurture the unique gift that he had been given. For the first time in their Chapter’s history, the Darksiders began to train a new candidate while withholding him from his physical transformation into a Space Marine. Trials that would have killed a normal man ten times over were hurled at Isaiah until he could go no further. Hunting drakes in the mountain peaks of the Darksiders homeworld, diving to incredible depths in their freezing seas, hauling thousands of trees one at a time across the barren waste of the planet’s frozen tundras, everything that a normal Darksider candidate with physical augmentation would be put through, Isaiah was required to do. When the trial period was over, his body was broken in dozens of places and great scars adorned his heavily muscled body. Isaiah stood before the Librarians covered with blood, as much his own as his enemies, about ready to die.

It was then that the final test was implemented. The Librarians left Isaiah to heal himself, for that would be the only way to fuse into Isaiah’s mind the necessity to access and control his power. He was warned that accessing to much of his power in his state would kill him, but if he did nothing, then he would either die or be killed. Such a man as him could not be allowed to fall to Chaos. After being told this, he was shut into a room filled with microorganisms that blocked his sight and severely hampered his breathing and would kill him within a day if he couldn’t heal himself. He was told to accomplish this, or die. When the chamber door was shut, the screams of Isaiah could be heard all around the Monastery – Isaiah’s outrage at finishing the tests and being locked away to die seemed to be too much for him.

When the sound ceased around midnight, Isaiah was thought to be dead, but when the Librarians returned to the steel chamber, they found the door cracked and broken. Isaiah was sitting cross-legged beside it. His wounds were completely healed and he breathed the bacteria-filled air like he was greeting an old friend. The Librarians were amazed. The story that Isaiah went on to tell them was recorded in the most secret of the Chapter Tomes and Isaiah has never spoken a word of it to anyone since. That he somehow got a hold of his powers is plain to all, how he accomplished this only a select few will ever know.

• 1 Space Marine Librarian w/Epistolary upgrade
• Power Armor, Physic Hood, Jump Pack
• Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades
• Powers: Quickening and Might of the Ancients

Special Rules:

Lord of the Fight – It is common among the Darksiders for the title “Captain of the Fight” to be given to a Captain or Chaplin who has devoted themselves to the art of close combat. They are given the ability to combine, when they see fit, the veterans from their company’s command squads into a single squad without asking permission of the Chapter Master. Much less seen is the title "Lord of the Fight." Isaiah has been gifted with this rare position in honor of both his incredible close combat skill and flawless assault tactics. A Lord of the Fight has the ability to call upon all of the chapters veterans when he feels the need. Therefore, while a normal Darksider army is limited to 1 Elite choice (unless inducted from Daemonhunters or Witch Hunters) and 1 Veteran Vanguard squad, a Darksider army who takes Isaiah may take the normal number of elites and up to 3 Veteran Vanguard squads.

Up Close and Personal – Isaiah is a master of using his Warp powers to argument his close combat prowess. He must take one of the following powers: Quickening, Might of the Ancients, and The Gate of Infinity. He may take up to two physic powers total, and while he can use other psychic powers, he has not mastered them and therefore will only use them in dire need. Isaiah may take one of the powers listed bellow, but must pay the additional points cost.

• Smite – 15 points
• Force Dome – 15 points
• Null Zone – 15 points
• Machine Curse – 25 points

Note: There are some powers that Isaiah has simply decided to ignore, trusting his battle-brothers to learn and master these. He would much rather close with the enemy in hand-to-hand combat then blast them from a distance. Any power not listed above cannot be used by Isaiah.