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    Hey everynoe, I'm looking ahead to how my DHs will be finished and am wondering how this army would work. It is designed to use as much deepstriking as possible. The troopers are just for the compulsory slots so that Grey Knights don't have to foot slog across the board.
    The dreadnoughts would get behind a bit of cover and shoot out bit threats from afar. The land raider would be for getting the Inquisitor to the fron lines where he needs to be. Everything else is basically just popping up ready to lay the smack down. How would it work yall think?


    Inquisitor - Design for his task and put him in a Land Raider

    Grand Master - Pair him up with Terminators and deepstrike him


    Callidus Assassin - Drop her by a squad to do her thing

    Terminators - Deepstrike them

    Terminators or Assassins - Deepstrike or Infiltrate with them


    5 - 10 Stormtroopers - Add a teleport homer to aid in deepstriking

    5 - 10 Stormtroopers - Add a teleport homer to aid in deepstriking


    10 Grey Knights - Deepstrike them

    10 Grey Knights - Deepstrike them

    10 Grey Knights - Deepstrike them


    Dreadnought - Hull down it for long range shooty power

    Dreadnought - Hull down it for long range shooty power

    Land Raider or Land Raider Crusader - Stick your Inquisitor in to extend his life

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    Look at the prices of those units. That army's gotta be over 3000 points, not that that's a bad number or anything.

    Too many terminators. As great as they are, they die easily and are insanely expensive.

    Not enough troops. using just IST's, you could have a troop core of under 200. Effective? No. Drop the elite termies, add GK troop squads. 2x 6-10 man squads with psycannons make great troop support.

    Dreads and hull-down isn't always a good idea, since they have a weapon on each arm, one of which would have to be hidden for it to be hull-down. And if these guys are for fire-support, I assume the CCW arm will be swapped for a missile launcher. But baring that, 2+ Dreads in an army this size is a good idea.

    LR/LRC for the Inquisitor Lord... I don't understand people's fascinations with making these guys CC-oriented in a GK army. I mean, if you're inducting DH into an IG force, it works, but not like this. If he's got a hammer, that's only S6. The standard GK does that, and for much cheaper too. Ranged, I can see. Give him a psycannon, and some kind of ranged servitors (1 PC & 2 HB, 3HB, 3MM, something like that). But since he won't be moving INTO combat, he wouldn't need a LR/LRC. Drop it, buy him a rhino/chimera, use the extra points for transports for your IST units so they can effectively use their TP Homers.

    Drop some of the extra termies (GM & bodyguard, and one elite unit is sufficient), lots lots lots more troops, and lighten that Inquisitor, and this would work.

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