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    Greetings everyone!

    This is my new DeamonHunters army, any and all comments are welcomed.

    Army Name: CYRICUS IMPERATORUS Points : 1499

    Inquisitor Lord with retinue:
    Terminator Armor
    Thunder Hammer
    Combat Servitor
    3xAcolytes each with Storm Shield
    total 189

    Grey Knight Grand Master with retinue:
    Master Crafted Weapon
    3xGK Terminators, 1 with Incinerator
    total 313

    Elites: AGGELOS
    Inquisitor with retinue:
    Terminator Armor
    Gun Servitor with Plasma Cannon
    Gun Servitor with Multimelta
    total 173

    Elites: CRASSUS
    GK Brother Captain with:
    Master Crafted Weapon
    3xGK Terminators, 1 with Psycannon
    total 239

    Elites: STOHOS
    Vindicare Temple Operative
    total 110

    Troops: METTELUS
    GK Justicar with:
    Master Crafted Weapon
    4xGrey Knights, 1 with Incinerator
    total 175

    Troops: IVAN
    Veteran Stormtrouper
    5x Stormtroupers, 2 with meltaguns
    total 90

    Heavy Support: Lance Strike
    total 70

    Heavy Support: CIGINATUS
    GK Dreadnought with:
    Twin-Linked Lascannon
    Psycannon Bolts
    total 140

    All in all: 1499

    Thank you!

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    Mod's, please kick this to the army list forum.

    Hello Elfaor! Welcome to LO! Let's get down to business, shall we?

    I'd suggest dropping the Terminator armor in favor of Artificer armor. If this guy is the only one in the unit with Termie armor, you're losing the ability to sweeping advance! If you feel that he needs the invulnerable save still, get him Icon of the Just or a Refractor field. Also, add on a bolt pistol so that he gets an extra attack with the hammer! Couple more Combat servitors would help, as they're kinda fragile.

    Nothing to add here, this is almost exactly what I use for my own HQ. Maybe Icon on the GM as well, for protection if he gets killed a lot.

    Elites: AGGELOS:
    Drop the terminator armor. For a shooting unit, it's too much. And besides, using the mixed armor saves rule, this unit has either a 6+ or 4+ save, regardless of the Inq's armor. Add a mystic in here and you get to blast other deepstrikers!

    Elites: CRASSUS:
    Again, nothing wrong here.

    Elites: STOHOS:
    All good.

    Troops: METTELUS:
    I'd drop the mastercrafting and incinerator in favor of a psycannon. Since these guys can't deepstrike or take a transport, they'll get more use out of a ranged weapon than anything else.

    Troops: IVAN:
    No transport means you won't get to use the meltaguns against all but the least experienced foes. Plus, these guys will die to the first heavy fire they get.

    Heavy Support: Lance Strike:
    Nothing wrong with this...

    Heavy Support: CIGINATUS:
    ...or this.

    Well, each individual unit looks good (mostly). But the problem is numbers here. In my own DH army list, I have around 50 models, most of which Deepstrike. You have 30 and a Dread, and only two units can deepstrike (and no other forms of transportation for the other guys&#33. Thats bad.

    The Inquisitor/Inquisitor Lord units will NOT survive enemy fire, thanks to henchmen having 4+ and 6+ saves. The Inquisitors themselves may live, but you'd lose a lot of their effectiveness.

    The Terminators, great when supported properly, will fail here. If you're planning on marching them, they'll be the target of every anti-armor and anti-infantry gun the enemy has. And despite shrouding and a 2+/5+, they WON'T live that long. if you're planning on Deepstriking these, well, they don't have any support from the rest of the army. They'll take out a unit or three, but once the enemy catches them in the open, they're gone.

    The IST's, without a transport option, are going to be useless unless you're just going to protect the Dreadnought with them. Under the new editions rules, you can't even meatshield the Inquisitor with them.

    So this list is basically moderate long ranged fire, and close combat units that can't get into combat.

    I'd drop the elite Termies and the HQ Inquisitor. Keep the GM & bodyguard for CC power and access to the Dread. The Elite Inquisitor, keep him built for ranged support. With what's left, buy a rhino for the ISTs and get either more IST support, or Fast Attack GK support for the termies.

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