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    Updated 5th ed Compatible: Numerous Uses For Sentinels

    An update for the 5th ed.

    After playing a few games in using Sentinels, the outflank rule has added an additional depth to the use of our Sentinels.

    With the new LOS rules, sitting in an av10 vehicle feels like a fat boy finding cover behind a lamp post. It is hard to find full cover. Even with a 4+ cover save, your fats aren't going to do much good even against s4 bolters.

    So put them in reserves so you can get to use them WHEN you need them to do their job. Listed in the link below so I won't re-post it.

    Link to the old Sentinel Tactica

    Now for the more interesting stuff. I mentioned many of the roles in the link above that requires careful and often dangerous advances into no man's land where they are very likely to get shot to bits before being able to achieve their role. All these has changed with the introduction of outflank.

    Outflank: Units with Scout or Infiltrate can come in by reserves from sides with 2/3 chance to get where you want it, free. For clarification, please refer to the rulebook.

    What does it mean for the average IG commander?

    Anti-tank Flanker
    -You may very well claim a rear armour shot with your multilaser/autocannon since you can come out on their end on the side. Not to mention charging into combat to hit their back armour(usually av 10 )

    Fire Support
    -Less useful now since you use other units better for enfilading fire. Fire support squads can be deployed smartly getting the benefit of enfilading fire and also cover saves from screening conscripts.

    -More useful now since you are able to flexibly affect many units 12" near the board edge.

    Example: Sentinel smashes into lootas at the back. Assualt unit is very close by that could help kill your sentinel in close combat. Should he turn back to kill your sentinel therefore freeing the lootas for more shooting in later rounds? Or should he ignore it and go straight for your line?

    Counter Charge
    -Since you can come in within 12 inches and usually in turn 4 or so, you can almost stop any close combat troops in your side that do not have very good anti tank close combat capabilities if you deploy your expensive stuff at the rear in your deployment zone.

    Eg. Assualt marines just killed a bunch of my support units. I don't have enough firepower to kill them in 1 turn, sentinel goes in to hold it in place and hopefully explode when it gets hit by the powerfist in a turn or two. Giving me precious time to kill other slower stuff running down the board.

    -Same old tarpit tactic. Outflank just makes it easier to set up the ambush. There was one trick I tried in a game using conscripts to bait enemy assualt units.

    Eg. Deploy and move conscripts forward on one flank close to edge. Make sure you have tasty stuff near it and some cover. Some enemy commanders will move their fast moving troops to hit your conscripts and consolidate behind the cover. when your sentinel comes out, the enemy anti infantry unit is just in range because they just beat the crap out of your conscripts. Shoot and charge. They won't bother you ever again (or a few rounds) if they don't have power fists or equivilent CCWs.

    Outflanking with Sentinels has given an IG commander so much more flexibility.
    -Starting in reserves means you don't get shot at.
    -When you come in you can choose sides. 2/3 of the time you get it where you want.
    -With more sentinels and improved comms you can practically control what comes out and where. Making sure they only arrive in the nick of time.
    -Starting at 35pts for flexibility IG really needs? Just 35pts to neutralise an enemies 200pt squad for a few turns? Yes sir, I'll take 3 of them.
    -Intentionally putting an objective near the board edge is a good idea since objective claiming enemy troops are usually not armed well for close combat. Therefore you can deny them the point by coming in later turns.

    "Hard pounding, gentlemen: but we shall see who can pound the longest."
    Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

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    A good update on the usefulness of Sentinels. I'll be sure to try some of these ideas with my drop troops army. *rep*

    Member of the Fluffmasters Clan

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    Nice. I do tend to have my sentinals cause more damage by exploding than anything else, and everyone and their dog has a power claw / weapon nowerdays (exept Tau, rangers, grots, termagants, and zoanthroapes are a good laugh to hit.) Don't forget frag grenades have a STR of 4 vs vehicles (boo)

    Don't forget the 8" of a power claw tip - If there's a massive mob of boys, with one power claw in the front, charge the side more than 8" away from it. (He has 6" of counter charge to get within 2" of a combatent. Quite common for this not to occur when you have template weapons and his massive mob is spread out.) - so avoid the claw on the turn you charge.
    He'll "wrap around" you with the large mob, (as a bonus you're also shifting the mob) and will continue to do so in his turn. - Have no confusion, you will die in his turn, but then you can shoot the (hopefully, depending on massacre result) compacted squad, which didn't move towards you for one more turn. (Oh, and explode into the mob too. If he's rolled to hit with it you roll the results, even if he doesn't want to)

    I advocate heavy flamers all the more on them nowerdays. Cheap + more sentinals = better.

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    I am going to try the outflank this weekend.

    Just for points sake, I am going to use a Autocannon and MultiLas Sentinel, each in 1 sentinel Fast Attack groups.

    I want to see how they do coming in from the sides and shooting at rear armor.

    Just for fun.
    I have a few points and Fast Attack slots to spare, so why not.

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    Good ideas. Rep for putting them down.
    I think you need to spend more time on your floor.

    2500 Black Templars

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