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    Member Dedsquirrl's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    Got a game this weekend and wanted some input

    We have an 1850 tourney coming up this weekend.
    It has a little bit of an RP bend to it so my troop allocation can't really change but I can tweak around my wargear as much as I want.
    I figured I would put it on here and see if yall had any tweaks that might help the list.

    I am running without doctrines.

    Most of the stuff is starting in reserve. The RP for my unit is that the WH Inq Lord commandeered an IG regiment and did an initial landing looking for whatever.
    Once he identifies the threat, the reserves come in to eliminate the threat. Everything with Scout or Infiltrate will be coming in via Outflank.

    There might be some surprise objectives, resources, tactics, etc....


    HQ units: Total Cost: xxx

    Command Squad: Total Cost: xxx
    Heroic Senior Officer xx
    Wargear: Bolt Pistol xx
    Plasma Gunner xx
    Medic xx
    Commissar xx
    Wargear: Storm Bolter xx, Power Weapon xx:
    Total xx
    I don't like having the commissar in with the HSO either, but it is part of the RP. He is under review.

    Anti-Tank Support Squad (2): Total Cost: xxx
    Missle Launcher Troopers xxx
    xxx for launchers

    Mortar Support Squad: Total Cost: xx
    Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord (Allied): Total Cost: xxx
    Inquisitor Lord: xxx
    Wargear: Bolt Pistol xx, Power Weapon xx, Frag and Krak Grenades xx, Digital Weapons xx: Total xx
    Psychic Power: His Will Be Done xx
    Retinue: 5 Warrior Henchmen xx
    Wargear: 4 with Shotguns xx, 1 with Hell Pistol and CCW xx, All Frag and Krak Grenades xx
    Elite Units: Total Cost: xxx

    Callidus Temple Assassin (Allied): Total Cost: xxx

    Hardened Veterans: Total Cost: xxx
    Veteran Sergeant: xxx
    Wargear: Power Fist xxx
    Specialists(2): Total Cost: xx
    Veteran x, Melta x
    Veterans: Total Cost: x
    (3) x
    Squad Wargear: All Frag and Krak: x
    Fast Attack: Total Cost: xxx

    Hell Hound: xxx

    Sentinel Squad: xx
    1 Sentinel xxx
    1 Multilas xxx
    Hunter Killer Missle xxx
    Heavy Support: Total Cost: xxx

    Leman Russ Battle Tank (2): xxx
    Tank xxx
    Hull Mount Lascannon xx
    Sponson Heavy Bolters xx

    Basilisk: xx
    Indirect Fire xx
    Troops: Total Cost: xxx

    Armored Fist Squad: xxx
    Squad xxx
    Veteran Sergeant xx
    Flamer xx
    All with Frag and Krak Grenades xx
    Chimera xx
    Multilas xx
    Hull Heavy Bolter xx
    Smoke Launchers xx

    Infantry Platoon: xx
    JO Command Squad:
    Junior Officer:xx
    Wargear: Plasma Pistol xx, Power Sword xx

    Infantry Squad (2): xx
    Squad Cost: xx
    Sergeant with Laspistol and CCW: xx
    8 Guardsmen with Lasguns xx
    1 Guardsman with Grenade launcher xx

    Infantry Squad: xx
    Squad Cost: xx
    Sergeant with Lasgun xx
    8 Troops with Lasguns xx
    1 Guardman with Grenade Launcer xx

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    Hellhounds are good tanks Dakka,Dakka,Dakka's Avatar
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    41 (x2)

    1 your witch hunters inquisitor is illegal, you can only have up to 3 of any one type of henchman(i think......maybe it was 4)

    anyway you cant have 5 warrior henchmen, i suggest a few crusaders, and acolytes, best henchmen you can get in my opinion.

    2 dont put lascannons on your tanks, you want to be killing infantry with that cannon every turn

    3 dont put frag and krak grenades on ur armored fist squad, they cannot assault out of a transport and it wastes points

    4 give your hellhound a stubber, it's one upgrade that is an extremely useful tool, its a weaker heavy bolter, and it can be fired if you move(stupid that they made defensive wpn's lower) a hellhound putting out the stubber shots, and the turret is much more powerful.

    5 finally, drop the hunter killer missiles, they are never worth the purchase, in all the time ive played this game, there was 1 game where they were worth it, a player had 12 sentinels's, and a few chimera's launch a massive barrage of hunter killer's first turn, killing everything with a armor value, between the sentinel's with auto cannons/lascannons, and 15 or so hunter killer missiles.......he didnt even need the lascannon support squad..........
    Hellhounds are good tanks

    Satan - "**** you Kage! And **** you Jables! I'll get you Tenacious DDDDdddddddeeeeee!!!!!!"

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    Member Dedsquirrl's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    3 (x1)

    Thanks for the heads up Dakka.

    I got the tweaks in on the Henchmen and changed two of them into Acolytes.

    Not that it ended up mattering.
    A few of the players didn't really understand the idea of a fluffy tourney and showed up with super tweaked armies.

    My Demon and Eldar match-up almost overshadowed the SM match that was extremely fun.

    The Space Marine match was awesome, highlighted by Marnius Calgar emerging from the smoking wreck of his Land Raider and snatching victory during the last round by Assaulting and Slaughtering my HQ.

    The Demon match........ lets just say it might have been fun if his scatter die hadn't been red hot. I did have some fun with my Callidus. Until she got turned into a Demon Spawn.

    Eldar. No Fun at all. Eliminated end of round 4.
    That was the first time I had ever seen an Eldar Bike Squad with Fortune in action.
    At the end of turn 2 they had blown up a Russ, Hellhound, and Basilisk.
    I didn't realize that they could assault multiple units as long as they maintained coherency and had my vehicles bunched due to terrain.
    If he hadn't had first turn, maye I would have had a chance to make it to round 6. War Walkers took out every single one of my Missle Launchers in the first turn. After that and the Bike Squad carnage, it was just a matter of slowly taking casualties off the table.
    Great tournament list. Just not what the tourney was about. Even the guy that brought the army was apologizing at the end of the tourney for bringing it. Said he didn't understand the rules.

    Tournament got won by a Crimson Fist player that did well in the standard scoring but killed the fluff scoring.

    Just for an example of the fluff scoring.
    My army. I still had to claim the objective in my opponents area with a Troop choice. But if I could get my HQ there also with the HSO and Commissar still alive, I would score even more (Commissar reports that the HSO leads from front and achieves objectives)

    So objective with just Troops: 1 Point.
    Objective with Troops + HQ with surviving HSO and Commissar: 5 points.
    Troops + HQ but contested: 1 Point

    Was a really cool twist.

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