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    International Inquisition Day (from B&C)

    Hi, a little something to help us get some attention (maybe!). It's from a friend of mine on B&C, a little project we started!

    Brothers, Sisters, Fellow Inquisitors,

    I fear that our time has come to raise our voices and be heard in the great towers of Games Workshop. Too long has the forces of the Inquisition stood in the shadows, waiting patiently for our time to be able to stand and face the combined forces of the threats to humanity, the Daemon, the Witch, the Alien, but still we are not given the tools and powers to exercise our right to cleanse tables across the world of these enemies.

    October 31st 2008 will be known as International Inquisition Day from this day forth and it will be knownb as the time when the combined forces of the Inquisition stood undivided and petitioned the powers that be for recognition and for justice!

    "How shall we do this?" I hear you cry. It's this easy;

    Below is a templated letter with the address that is printed in White Dwarf for Jervis Johnson's 'Standard Bearer' article. Copy and paste the text into a word document or similar, sign it, and then post it to;

    Jervis Johnson, c/o White Dwarf, Design Studio, Games Workshop, Willow Road, Nottingham, NG7 2WS.

    Post the letter either in the week approaching the 31st or on the 31st itself but the idea is that we get plenty of mail to GW.

    This post will be appearing on a number of forums and hopefully we can gain enough support worldwide to influence GW into considering the current situation regarding the lack of attention and support for the Inquisition.
    We want to keep this event good natured so PLEASE, PLEASE NO ABUSIVE OR IMPOLITE LETTERS and PLEASE send the letter as is below with just your signature or user name.

    Here's the letter, show your support, lets be heard;

    Dear Jervis

    I’ve tried to be patient, I really have, but I’ve finally had to write to you in an attempt to gain recognition for my chosen army and myself.

    I am a dedicated collector/player of the Inquisition for the Warhammer 40K system and I find myself forced to complain about Games Workshop’s continued lack of support and coverage for the armies contained within ‘Codex: Daemon Hunters’ and ‘Codex: Witch Hunters’. This lack of support has slowly continued to undermine the effectiveness of the Inquisition armies with each subsequent codex release prior to the launch of 5th edition. However since the launch of 40K 5th edition and, perhaps more importantly, the launch of ‘Codex: Chaos Daemons’ and ‘Codex: Space Marines (5th Ed)’ I have seen my chosen army have specific rules and wargear reduced in effectiveness or, even worse, have the effectiveness removed all together.
    I’ve also seen the miniatures and vehicles that make up my army take a substantial increase in price. The fact that the Inquisitorial forces of the Grey Knights and the Sisters of Battle are primarily made up of metal miniatures again serves to put me and my fellow inquisitors at a significant disadvantage from a collector’s point of view.

    As a loyal and long standing customer of Games Workshop products it greatly concerns me that I am witnessing the slow and gradual demise of my army. I chose the Inquisition because of all of the choices available I feel it has the most interesting and in-keeping background of the 40K universe. However with the lack of attention and coverage in the 5th edition rulebook as well as the Apocalypse expansion I think it is time that Games Workshop made a statement in regards to the future of my army as currently that future looks bleak and I fear for the demise of the Inquisition.

    I very much hope that you will consider the issues highlighted in my letter and I hope that you will consider either making a statement in your ‘Standard Bearer’ column regarding these as well as recommending that it is time for the Inquisition to receive some additional support to ensure that we can continue to field effective and competitive lists.

    With hope and best wishes;

    [Insert; user name + forum/name here ]

    (A loyal and devoted servant of the Emperor of mankind)

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    It would be a great idea to do this.

    Oh, by the way, never start your letters with I after the header. I makes the writer look selfish I'm no writing wizard, but that's the one thing I remembered from high school when it comes to writing letters.

    Haven't thought of a better way to start though (as I already said, I'm no writing wizard )
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