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    Dreadnought army setup discussion

    I have a list with 6 dreadnoughts I was getting ready for the new rules. I played it a couple times and here are my thoughts. This post is to facilitate discussion on everything from which weapons to give the dreadnoughts to what other units to take with them.

    Master of the Forge:
    I converted one of my techmarines to have a conversion beamer, and it is sweet. I stick it with a 5 man squad of bolters (via combat squads) to give him some wounds (squishy as hell) and let him sit back and annihilate. str 10 ap 1 destroys. I killed 4 termies with one shot once.

    New dreadnought weapons choices:
    I have played with several different weapons for the dreads, and I have to say I love the plasma cannon on them. Even if it does scatter anywhere near you, it probably won't hurt a dreadnought.

    Haven't got to use the dual twinlinked autocannons yet but I am sure that they will provide good anti horde. Thats the next on my list of things to try, and I've included them in my ideal setup because I can't see myself not liking it.

    The biggest question I think is which units to make venerable. The points are wasted IMO if you don't give it to a unit that both shoots and gets into CC. It also shouldn't be given to a dread with twinlinked weapons or flame templates. I think the best option for venerable is a drop pod dread with DCCW and either ass cannon or plasma. The drop pod lets him get into CC where his higher WS really shines. Both weapons can be used effectively with the higher BS as soon as he comes out of DP. The reroll rule for venerable is extremely useful because he will probably get shot at ass soon as he comes out of the pod.

    Ironclads are a different story. Their biggest advantages are higher armor value and an extra attack. I have mixed feelings about the hurricane bolter. I am using one right now because it is really useful the first turn when you can't charge anything. The higher armor definitely helps them survive this turn tho. It should be noted that the melta gun on their seismic hammer arm can be very useful. Mine blew up a predator on a round it came in.

    Ideal multipurpose setup:
    I switch weapons around constantly, but this is how I have them set up right now for a general multipurpose army:

    1 venerable dread w/ plasma, DCCW, and drop pod
    1 dread w/ las cannon and missile launcher
    1 dread w/ 2 autocannon
    1 dread w/ multimelta, DCCW, and drop pod
    1 ironclad dread w/ seismic hammer, DCCW, and drop pod
    1 ironclad dread w/ seismic hammer, hurricane bolter, and drop pod w/ locator beacon.

    Army setup:
    I split my army up into two groups. The six dreads take up all the elite and heavy choices, so that doesn't leave a lot of options.

    The first group sits back with the conversion beamer, a couple heavy weapon tac squads, and the two long range dreads and shots the hell out of them. There is nothing more crippling than ignoring a conversion beamer the entire game. Stick them as high as you can in a corner.

    The second group consists of the four drop poded dreads, a drop poded tac squad, and assault marines. The locator beacon means assault marines can deep strike without scattering, and you can place them behind the walls of drop pods for cover the round they come in. Sometimes I run a chaplain with this squad for old times sake. With 5 drop pods and no scattering, it doesn't take a genius to figure a way to get them placed within charge range (18in), yet still behind cover the first round.

    I usually put the dread with the hurricane bolter out front. He has lots of shots, high armor, and is most useless in CC. The turn he gets off the pod is his shinning moment, and he has the least use latter on. If anyone gets blown up, I would rather it be him, plus it is better if he loses a weapon over any of the other dreads.
    The locator beacon is really good on one of your first drop pods for two reasons. Once it is placed, the drop pods coming in later turns can be placed precisely in whatever way you want. This means you can block a certain units line of sight and deploy exactly how you want. The other is it works with all types of deep striking units, not just teleporting like homers. For 10 points you get a measure of safety.

    Troop choices:
    With this army I like to have at least three full tac squads and a scout squad with snipers and a heavy bolter. One squad is tooled for combat and is drop poded, the other two are used for whatever gaps need filling. I like to put las cannons or plasma cannons in the two spare squads, then split them into combat squads and have one fire and the other take objectives. It is very effective to protect the conversion beamer with 5 bolter marines.

    The new heavy bolter shell on scouts is fun, and I enjoy snipers, but I usually just use them to capture objectives and take pot shots the entire game. I cut these out if I need more points.

    Fast attack choices:
    Assault marines work really well with drop pod armies like this. I havenít gotten around to playing with the new jump pack marines.

    Land speeders are good for filling whatever holes left out by the choice of weapons on the dreadnoughts. In an army like this anything that usually shoots at a land speeder is probably shooting at a dreadnought. This leaves them a lot more freedom than they usually have IMO. Mine are tooled with assault cannons because I havenít gotten around to changing them since last edition, and none of my dreads currently have assault cannons equipped.

    HQ choices:
    One HQ choice has to go to the master of the forge. I havenít tried him tooled out for close combat yet because I love the conversion beamer so much, but I think you could give him a tac squad and a drop pod/rhino and do the good work very well with this army.

    The other choice is very versatile. So far I like having the other HQ jump pack with the assault marines. It would be hard to have an HQ in termie armor because you canít stick them with other terminators since your elite choices are full and command squads donít get that option. Since your army is in their face after turn 1 I think the best bet is something built for combat, and delivered with the assault marines or in the tac squadsí drop pod.

    Final thoughts:
    Dreadnoughts are fun, but having 6 of them is kinda limiting. Your opponent will either have not enough that can hurt them, or too much. When they get shot at they canít just shrug off a couple of wounds. You either get lucky and nothing happens or they get hurt bad. One game my two long range dreads both got immobilized the first round of shooting. They werenít going to move anyway, and they didnít get shot at again because the drop pods distracted my opponent, but it could have easily been a lot worse.

    Another thing I have noticed is a lot of attention is payed to them. Land speeders, rhinos, or anything else with a low armor gets almost ignored in the opponents mad rush to pump all their fire power into the dreadnoughts. They know that if they get into close combat it is much harder to hurt them, so they ignore my land speeders.

    I am going to start toying with taking 5 instead of 6 for 2500 point games. This lets me take termie assault squads with a land raider. That one elite choice gives me both the heavy support options I miss and the extra punch of termies in an assault vehicle. Good place for an HQ unit as well.

    I havenít played against monstrous creatures yet, and Iím not looking forward to it.

    Please discuss.

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    WOW man this is so helpful thanks.
    I did a topic about dreads asking how to use them and what guns to give them.
    I also play master of the forge with 6 dreadnoughts.
    Awesome,awesome to the max.

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    I like the list!

    Thinking of doing the same thing with an Iron hands army I'm putting together.
    I'm gonna focus more on using scouts though for the troop choices.

    Try to take some pics of all these dreads advancing across the field!
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