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    Steel Legion Army for Sale

    Hello everyone. Due to recent college expenses and other things i have been forced to put my belloved army of steel legion on the market. They are all in prime condition and have won several painting awards at a minor GW event and at local hobby stores in my area (all except twelve which are primed black because i have just barely purchased them at a garage sale). I am in Salt Lake City Utah so close buyers would be appreciated but wherever you are you are eligable for the army! The army contains the following:

    -x1 Commander (Heroic Senior Officer)
    -X1 Commisar
    -x5 Seargents
    -x10 Plasma Gunners
    -x4 Grenade Launchers
    -x4 Missile Launcher Teams
    -x1 Lascannon Team
    -x32 Guardsmen (x5 vox)
    -x6 Chimera's (x5 w/ multilaser turret, hull hvy bolter, x1 w/ hvy bolter turret, hull hvy bolter)
    -x1 Leman Russ Battle Tank

    Now overall this army would cost around 700 Dollars on the GW market. I am looking from at least 400-500 dollar price range which includes for free:
    -Imperial Guard Codex
    -Army Carrying Case

    Please contact me through private messages on here, thanks for your time!

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    I swear this has been posted before a while ago, also it is posted in the army lists section. It isn't an army list. This is verging on advertising spam, there is an area in the forums for this and also ebay. One post here is enough if people want it they will PM you.

    Sorry to be a downer but Once one starts another follows and I'd rather not have adverts everywhere!


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