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    Triple Drop Dreads army for a friend

    A friend of mine has finally decided to start playing 40K from fantasy, as is really captivated by running 3 Dreadnoughts in pods, but is a bit clueless otherwise about what he wants. After discussion he decided to go with 2 standards and one Ironclad (for kicks), and so we went and grabbed the AoBR for him. I personally have no experience with either Dreadnoughts(I play Tau mostly) or the new Codex and associated synergies, So I"m looking for help with what sort of models should be on the shopping List.

    I'm looking to setup an army list of sorts (1,500 pts roughly) to help with this, with the following considerations:
    - Fairly easy to tactics to master.
    - Not a one trick pony (moreso than 3 Dread's already is)
    - made from current models (no conversions)
    My friend is converting his own Pods, so more are possible if thats a good idea. I'm theinking of looking at something along the lines of:

    HQ.......- NFI, but possibly a dude with Termie retinue (AoBR)
    Elites....- 3 Dreads as mentioned
    Troops..- 2 x 10 tactical marines (Rhinos or pods maybe)
    ...........- Scouts to call down the dreads (possibly in that speeder?)
    Fast.....- Beacon bikes
    ...........- ?
    Heavy..- NFI


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    Hey, i play a full dread list, and as far as im concerned i think that your best fast attack option would probably be some type of landspeeder, or an attack bike, no previous experience with them, but i have played against them, and they are a handfull if used properly. Heavy i would go with whatever his preference on army style of play, ranging from the far off support(thunderfire cannon) or the closer support(some type of close landraider i.e. redeemer or crusader, to the predator or a devastator squad). The reason i say this is because my previous army had lots of heavy support(Iron Warriors 4th edition with the extra heavy slot) and i used devs and raiders, along with basilisks and a defiler.
    "The Touched" Space Marines W/T/L--1/2/0

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