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    I was reading the Emperor vs Jesus thing and thought:

    A )Who was the smart *** who thought the Emperor vs. Jesus post wasn't gonna start a flame AND a religious war.

    B ) All of those who where offended, why didn't you get a clue when it said Emperor vs Jesus, you know that's going to probably insult your beliefs.

    C ) Why do you have to control everything and get offended so easy about what others say, let the "Heretics" say what they want and just go on with your happy little day. AKA ignore them, don't even go into places you know theres gonna be trouble. You know there are people who believe in Jesus(I am one of them) and there are some that don't. Your technicly restricting their right to their freedom of speech.(and please don't give me, it's freedom of SPEECH not typing, crap) It's like, why go into a pub if you don't want to get drunk,(there are some exceptions, but you get my drift) it's just gonna cause problems... Just let them talk about what they want and don't bother with them

    D )Why not let all those angry people vent and kill off each other. Because if they're dumb enough to start a flame war like the one over wether Dark Angels are heretics or not like in the Eye of Terror campaign between the Forces of Order, you might as well let the dumb people kill each other so there's less stupid people floatin' around.

    E )If you think it's a sin to mock Jesus(I also think it is) let them get struck by lightning and I suggest you not be around for it to happen. Not to mention be holding a lighting rod, because your just as bad as them if you start flaming them.

    F ) What I'm trying to say is don't start flames, don't feed flames and please don't bring religion to the boards.

    Please don't flame this post or post negitive crap here. I don't want to start anything I just want to stick up for people being able to say what they want and yet please keep these boards friendly! If anyone thinks this post is to extreme or is inappropriate feel free to lock or delete this.

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    Considering its in the wrong forum anyway =^_~=

    *Puts padlock on topic*
    Want to chat? You can normally find me in the LO CHAT!

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