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    1000pts Guard/SoB advice

    My question is this. I originally thought the reason people put commissars with conscript units was for when the squad failed a leadership test he would just execute a member and the unit would auto pass. Then I realized that only officers could be executed which conscripts couldn't take.Which means that the only benefit of having a commissar is a leadership 5 unit goes up to leadership 10 which is still nothing to laugh at.

    But after reading the witch hunters book I found I would much rather take a palatine wearing power armor which although only giving LD9. Still means that I spend 35points rather than 50points on a model who confers a benefit similar to a commissar and yet is harder to kill and cheaper in points cost. From what I've read there is no reason why a palatine can't join a imperial guard unit to have them benefit from her leadership. Is this legal? My other questions is are griffin heavy mortar tanks legal in tournaments? If not are they generally allowed in friendly games more so than say, someone wanting to get away with using a baneblade?

    This plus a small Serephim squad who benefits from 2 faith points. And can repel light assaults should make for a slightly less vanilla imperial guard force IMO

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this list and if you think the palatine is a good replacement for a commissar in a conscript unit.

    Doctrines: Close order drill, Drop troops, Conscript Platoons


    Command Squad w/ Junior officer + bolt pistol (41pts)

    Palatine w/ bolt pistol + CCW (37pts) -Joins the conscript unit-


    Hardened Veterans (116)
    8 Models (w/ Missile Launcher + 3 Plasma guns)


    Conscript Platoon (227pts)
    Five Squads
    Three flamers

    Infantry Platoon (200pts)
    Squad 1 w/ missile launcher
    Squad 2 w/ missile launcher
    HQ: Junior officer Squad w/ Melta gun


    Serephim (159pts)
    5 Models (w/ 2x twin hand flamers + veteran superior + eviscerator)


    Leman Russ Battle Tank (145pts)
    Hull heavy bolter

    Griffin Heavy Mortar Tank (75)

    Total Pts
    : 1000pts exactly

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