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    Son of LO kevin vanrooyen's Avatar
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    New Guard Special Characters

    Hey I was just wondering what special characters you guys thought would be in the next guard codex when it finally rolls around.

    I think that the following characters will be carried over with different rules:
    Creed and Kell
    Commissar Yarrak
    Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt

    And the following will be introduced/ brought back:
    Lord Solar Macharius
    A Stormtrooper character that lets stormtrooper squads score
    A tank ace or commander that is bought as a vehicle upgrade like the marines have
    A Catachan character
    A Vostorian character
    Possibly some Tallarn, Mordian, Valhallian characters

    So anyway what do you guys think?
    Note: I would like to add that these characters are in no way guarinteed to be in the codex, I don't have any inside GW sources or anything like that and am just making guesses.

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    IG does need more standard game hero characters, however...


    Lord Solar Macharius - Dead for ~200 years?

    GW wise:

    Vostorian - discontinued.
    Tallarn - discontinued yet?
    Mordian - discontinued
    Valhallian - discontinued

    Sly Marbo used to be the Catachan hero, but they axed him for some reason or another.

    A good replacement hero would be Sniper Dell, from the catachan screaming devils, who it quite possible the greatest non-Vindicare sniper out there.

    A hero mini of Ciaphas Cain an Jurgen would be awesome, especially against psyker heavy armies.

    I hear that Col. Shaffer is getting the boot, which I can understand since the rules for the Last Chancers can be a bit complicated and I've rarely ever seen a last chancers army used.

    Vet/Ace Tank is part of the Armored Company codex, which I think they should merge into the standard IG dex pretty much as is.

    I'd like them to put in special rules for the Tanith box set since Gaunt and his Ghosts would be pretty awesome replacements for Shaffer's Last Chancers.

    An ability to create your own mini-hero would be rather nice, since I've had some officers go way above and beyond the call of service in some games, but never my HSO model....
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    RAWR! KROXIGOR!! kroxigor01's Avatar
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    I really hope the IG don't fall into the 'use this character so you can have this kind of army' syndrome that has been going on of late. It is just completely illogical and restrictive (oh so you want your marines to be *insert chapter here*? Well you MUST have your grand master who would otherwise have not turned up to this skirmish or your marines will act like specially painted Ultramarines). Give us doctrine and traits back!

    However it is almost certainly the case that this will happen. So I predict a Cadian character (Creed probably), Gaunt, Yarrick (steel legion?) etc. to be present in the book.

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    Based on what we're seeing in the current run of Codex's they'll load it up with Special Characters so that you get the 'plays as' image for the army.
    That being said we can almost put money on the fact that Gaunt, Yarrick, and Creed will be in the book so that you can get the Authentic Cadia, the Steel Legion Xeno and the Light Infantry type armies.
    The'll include someone that will allow a more mechanized approach, that's almost a given with the fact that we have so much armour.
    I could see possibly Cain as he's played out well in the novels and would allow another direction for an army to go.
    From there it's going to depend on what else GW wants to have IG represent.
    Someone that would specialize your army toward Drop Troops?
    A Storm Trooper Special Character....possibly allowing STs as Troop Choices....or making them harder?

    Most of it is up in the air but looking at what most Guard armies lean toward we should, for the most part, be able to predict what we'll see with Spec Chars.
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