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    Got a Green Thumb

    After I finish being the leading decadent of the Dark Eldar, and get tired over being under the control of the C'Tan, my friends have ushered me into starting an Imperium army. And I have decided on the Salamanders.

    Now I won't be starting them until next year, and so the Codex will be next year too, and I am a little unsure about the concept of the Space Marines, but mainly concerned with the Salamanders themselves.

    What are the fundamentals and redundancies that I must know when I start thinking about what to include in my Salamanders army? Are there 'must-get' and 'must-forget' models out there that I should know about? Any tactics that are lethal against a given army, in particular Eldar, DaemonHunters, Orks, Sisters and IG?

    I am little anxious to get Vulkan He'Stan, and I would like to know more about him, as well.

    I don't mean to pry you all with a lot of questions, I am just really enthusiastic about starting them. But not until I crush the Warp with the DE, and feast on souls with the Necrons...

    Comments and opinions all welcome!

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    You picked a very interesting time to start a new Space Marine army. With the launch of the new codex just recently and an array of blisteringly new minis to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choices.

    Before I started collecting Black Templars, I had seriously considered collecting the other codex chapters first. One of them were Salamanders, and according to their fluff, the Sallies were experts at close ranged firefights with a high usage of flamers and melta weaponry. However, they are also subject to the new rules in 5E like everyone else, ie troops are the bread and butter of your army. What I would suggest is that you collect a core army first (maybe from 500 - 750 points) and then expand from there models which you would like to play.

    A good place to start is one of the box sets from GW, more specifically the Assault On Blackreach. This boxed set contains a large amount of models and they're all easy to assemble and paint up. About the only problem here is that half of it contains orks, but you could do what I did. Share the cost with an ork player and split it. But why this box, why you might ask?

    Well, this box is a better bargain compared to the SM Battleforce. It has:

    1 SM Commander w/ Power Sword and Boltgun (not to worry, the boltgun can be cut off and replaced with another cool weapon if ya got the sprues later. Just don't glue the model together) 100 pts

    10 men Tactical Squad, which includes a sergeant with chainsword, missile launcher, flamer (the sergeant looks a bit goofy though, he points to his side and looks straight ahead at something else. I hacked mine up and converted him into a powerfisted marine) 170 pts

    5 Terminators, which includes a vet sergeant w/ powersword (terminators play a very important role in a space marine army, excelling in close ranged firefights and combat. It is also mentioned that Sallies keep a lotta these compared to other chapters) 200 pts

    1 Dreadnought w/ Multimelta (I would get the box for the dreadnought alone as there is no other way to get the dreadnought multimelta sprue other than Forgeworld. And the melta armed dred is very Sallie fluffy) 105 pts

    You will need to buy another space marine tactical squad box where you can get more sprues to do up your troops. I am unsure if you need scouts though, as not much is mentioned about Salamander neophytes. With this it is safe to assume you could play a 500 - 750 point game. Later acquisitions can then be made to supplement your core army.

    Some additional stuff I can think off that would fit in nicely with a Salamander list includes the new Thunderfire Cannon, Techmarines to supports vehicles, the Land Raider Redeemer (Sallies also have their own Land Raider variant used in Apocalypse games), Devastator Squads with melta, Land Speeders with heavy flamer or meltas and of course, more meltaguns in your tactical squad and attack bikes armed with multimeltas. This is one very hot army!

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    well vulkan's rules make flamers, melta weapons and thunder hammers quite a bit better, so you can't go wrong fitting as many of these units into your army as possible - especially as meltas are a good way to deal with tanks in 5th.

    i think going troop heavy is probably best - multimeltas and flamers are free don'tcha know and tactical marines are no slouches for their points - that and you can't go wrong with 50+ marines

    as multimeltas are quite short range compared to other heavy weapon choices, a drop pod army might suit thier style (i'm purely theorising now, so pinch of salt with everything i say). drop podding dreadnpoughts with meltas can attract attention while your other stuff arrives. but the problem with this army is it can arrive piecemeal.

    popping everything in rhinos or razorbacks is another way to go. but generally, maximising the special rules of vulkan is the order of the day with salamander armies

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    sweeet, nice to see others taking an interest into the Salamanders Chapter, cause they are awsome, imho. Salamanders are a true Astartes Chapter, being not specific to one type of fighting style while the key to their army is Vulkan He'Stan. No not the primarch but the one that is on a task to find hidden relics left by their primarch. He has the ability to take anything from the full Salamanders chapter and use at his disposal, so it pretty much leaves you with the ability to choose anything in the army list. Only problem, there is no model for him, so you have to make one.

    With that being said, Vulkan's rule will make you want to choose lots of melta's and flamers cause they are twin-linked, and thunderhamer being master-crafted. Well...not THAT many models can get TH's, so focus more on the other two.

    How many points are you looking to make up in one go? I started making a Salamander's army at the start of November and aimed for 1850 points right off the start, as at my local GW store, thats the point value we play. But you could start much lower if u wanted. As previously said, troops have become the bread and butter for armies, so taking 10 man tactical squads with free flamers, free multi-melta's is cool. Here's my list i'm going with for 1850

    Vulkan He'Staan 190
    5 Terminators w/ TH/SS 200
    LR Redeemer w/ MM 250
    10 Tactical w/ Flamer/MM 230
    Seargent w/ Combi-Melta/Power Sword
    10 Tactical w/ Flamer/RL 230
    Seargent w/ Combi-Melta/Power Sword
    10 Tactical w/ Flamer/RL 170
    5 Scouts w/HeavyBolter, Camocloaks 100
    Dreadnough 105
    10 Assault w/ 2 Flamer 240
    Seargent w/ TH
    Vindicator w/ DB and EA 135


    And click the link under my signature for my WIP army, where i have my Vulkan He'Stan conversion and my whole army, which I am at the moment starting to paint. Hope to see more from you.
    Check out Double Edged Painting blog for more information on commissions and work in progress

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