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Thread: Fleshtearers??

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    Can this list be used with the background of fleshtearers, because i have found some information that a fleshtearer chapter has not so much armor and is build around fast assault troops.

    10 x tactical ( powerfist ,flamer, plasma cannon)
    20 x assault (2 powerfist )
    5 x veteran assault (2 powerweapons,1 meltagun)
    5 x deathcompany ( 5 jumppack, 5 dc for free )
    1 x furioso ( deathcompany,heavy flamer )
    2 x attack bike ( multimelta )
    baal predator ( heavy bolters )

    I allready paint them as FleshT because i like their history and colorsheme. Are their some legal extra rules for this chapter??

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    There used to be... However now its generally accepted that you use the free Blood Angels codex offered on GW's website for the Blood Angels and their successor chapters.

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    I don't know if Chaplain Lemartes or the Baal Predator would be present in a Flesh Tearers list. Lemartes is, after all, a Blood Angel, and I don't think the Flesh Tearers are a wealthy enough Chapter to be able to maintain many vehicles beyond a few Rhinos.

    I would think the Flesh Tearers would play a large DC, a large number of Assault Troops, though perhaps not all with Jump Packs, a smaller number of Veterans, and a pair of Tactical Squads in Rhinos all led by a simple Captain.

    They have a Strike Cruiser, so if the situation really warranted it, I think they might be willing to spend a few Drop Pods.

    Space Marines don't really have a concept of rich or poor, but by any Marine's standard, the Flesh Tearers are poor. (They also have a massive chip on their shoulders for it, according to the books.) They play to this strength, and will stubbornly try to overcome any of the numerous obstacles fate has put in their way through sheer bloody-mindedness.

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