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    i have been having choosing a good Heavy Support choice for the greykights in 1500

    LRC a huge amount of points that in 1500 can cause a huge defecit but is a power house in anti-tank and troop

    LR still a huge amount of points and really only good for tank hunting

    Dread-it is relativly cheap is flexible but is vulnerable

    Orbital stike-unpredicatable kills your own guys

    Purgation squad - good weapons for semi-long range but they are still troopers and can be brought down eaasily

    I know that there isn't supposed to be or is the perfect coice i was just wondering what others have found to work in most situations

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    hmmmm if you really want to know i'll give merit to each then my personal preference

    1:the LRC this is one of the coolest tanks in the game but also one of the most specialized only take this if your gonna fight mass armies even against sisters of battle it helps and trust me its not anti-tank... even though it has a multi-melta you dont want it right next to a predator or something of the sort.....

    2:the LR this is basically a good one its a huge point sink but it alwyas seems worth it for me the twin-linked lascanons never loose usefullness on the field..

    3:dread vulnerable? ummm no basically if you want him for anything make him a CC monster he is'nt that easy to take down if you get him into CC but he is still a firemagnet.... if you want him for true heavy support give him a missile launcher and twin linked lascanonns that way he can fire from far away like heavy support is meant to be plus dont forget in CC the dread unless immobilised always uses front armour

    4:orbital strike! its not meant to kill enemies just to make them avoid that building (PERIOD) its never been meant to kill just to (and i quote) throw a wrench in the enemies battle plans it makes him avoid a bridge,big building,or hill that can give you the game

    5:purger squads these even though they are very weak as infantry remember they are'nt supposed to be up in the enemies face thus never give them incinerators.... put them in back with psycannons... three maybe 4 of them will deffinettly hurt plus remember we have shrouding so they wont be shot up most of the time give them a little more credit they work

    and my preference? a purger squad most beacause the LR is a points sink even though it is a mobile bunker....the LRC is only for orks and nid and mass armies.. and and orbital strike is always next on my list so normally i have both

    hopr this helps

    and there ya go
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    If I need anti-vehicle, I take a Dread or two. TL-lascannons, and at least one ML between them. If you keep them out of CC (the GK do fine in CC without a Dread's help, they need the firepower more) and give them extra armor & smoke (and sometimes Blessed), they aren't that fragile. If you have no other vehicles, then yes, they draw fire, but in a game that small, how many times do you need a lascannon? I'd leave him at him in 1000 or less games because of that.

    If I need anti-swarm, I take Purgation squads. Yes, multiple squads. Since a purg squad's minimum size is only 3 (as opposed to 5 for normal GK), you can take a couple of small units instead of one larger squad. This gives you more choices for targets, and lets you take advantage of smaller blocks of cover - something that you definitely should do (Shrouding + cover save + power armor&#33. 2 or 3 units of Justicar + 2 GK w/ psycannons is relatively cheap, can pop AV12 (with luck) and less, and multiple squads means your opponent has to try harder to kill them all - overflow wounds don't happen when you have two squads of three men (as opposed to one squad of six). Plus, because Justicars cannot take psycannons, you have a high-S power weapon guarding your heavy weapon teams!

    I honestly never would take a Land Raider or Crusader in a DH army. A small squad of troops costs about the same as a LR, and together they take up a disturbingly large chunk of the FOC. Take two dreads instead of a LR if you want anti-vehicle - this bags you twice the firepower as well!

    Orbital Strike is fun, but I would never depend on it. I use it sometimes in friendly games just because of the randomness it introduces, but I'd never take it in a game I felt I HAD to win.

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