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    complementary chapters

    what chapters mesh with the Grey knight style the best?

    my personal desire because of some old models of mine is to do a grey knights/ironhands army I was wondering is there anything in rules to prevent this ( I dont have book-- this just painting project for now)

    please suggest the best grey knight complementary chapter , for use, or for fluff

    also can I field 6 grey knight dreadnaughts with a master of the forge?

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    Fluff wise - the Exorcists Space Marines.
    (red power armour, black trim, horned skull symbol iirc)

    In order to use Grey Knights and Marines together you'd need a marine force with GK allies - IIRC that precludes any number of GK dreads, but regardless the forge master's special rules would never apply to the GK force organisation anyway.

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    The only Chapter that I knows that the Grey Knights are around are the Space Wolves. The fought by/ with each others on Armagedddon.
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    In terms of tactical playstyle, I can't think of any lesser Astartes build that is as flexible and reactive as the GKs. In a base Marines list, GKs bring a bit of extra potency -- both shooting and assault -- that can be used to help counter whatever foe you're facing. But they're not the main drive of the army, merely a handy addition.

    I have always wanted to combine my GKs with very offensively-minded armies, as I find myself needing to play very conservatively with GKs to win games. I've always wanted to give them breathing room to wade into assaults and bash some heads! But they need a supporting army in order to make that possible. My personal choices:

    * Witch Hunters: Gorgeous models, Inquisitorially fluffy, and loads of fun. Faith, firepower, Grey Knights, and -- depending on the build of your WH army -- some flavorful funkiness. The sisters bring the pain up close via Seraphim and Divinely Guided bolter fire while the GKs support them with their own firepower, sweeping in to slaughter the survivors while the Sisters move on to greener pastures.

    * Black Templars: Templar models and colors look fantastic next to GKs, and these guys are (with the possible exception of the Space Wolves) the best assault Marine force in the game. They're fast, they're a little nuts, and they like to put the hurt on personally. While big mobs of Crusaders march to war, the GKs march with laying down a withering stream of bolter fire and everybody piles in at once. Toss in a unit or two of Templars in Land Raider Crusaders, too, as points permit. This would make for a fast and brutal assault force.

    * White Scars: As with the Templars, WS colors would nicely complement the usual GK colors. The Scars bring speed and toughness in a way that few other armies (save those nasty Ork Nob Bikerz lists) can match. Lead the force with K'orsorro Khan and everybody can outflank! Give TP homers to biker sergeants and drop in GKs where needed.
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    I'd say when considering Grey Knights, take into account their weaknesses:

    1. Low model count.

    2. Lack of ranged anti-tank weaponry. Well, anti-tank weaponry in general.

    3. Did I say model count?

    Number6 already pointed out some potent combinations, my favorite of which is the Black Templar. Large masses of relatively cheap troops act as wonderful bullet magnets for the equally as deadly Grey Knights. In addition Troop allied Grey Knights can still capture objectives while more assault minded Crusader squads go on to chase down the enemy.

    Thus, to take advantage of Space Marines being allied to Grey Knights, you have two options. Either build your force around the application of Grey Knights or plan your Grey Knights to assist your Space Marines.

    The former means structuring your army to take advantage of Grey Knight strengths and reduce their deficiencies, with roughly half your points or more being spent on Grey Knights. You'll probably take scout squads with cloaks to take objectives and stay there as your troops, while you take Predators/Devastators/Raiders as your heavier anti-everything weaponry/bullet magnets. After that you may end up taking as many tacticals as you feel are necessary to support your Grey Knights.

    The latter options means building your army as you would normally and tacking on a squad of Grey Knights to act as a potent anti-everything squad. Need to take an objective? Soften it up and have the Grey Knights take it, then use a tactical squad to hold it. Need something dead? Soften it up with Space Marine fire and finish it off with Grey Knights. Thanks to their fearlessness, high statline and general all around badassery, Grey Knights can be expected to do what you want them to do. They add a flexible element to a normally static army.

    Fluffwise, The Grey Knights will not fight alongside the more radical chapters, such as the Soul Drinkers, but otherwise they're cool to cruise with whoever. All of the first founding chapters have been aided by the Grey Knights at some time or another.

    Of note there are the Space Wolves, the Black Templars, The Exorcists and the Blood Ravens.

    Space Wolves for the aforementioned reason, the Black Templars as they're the only psykers they will willingly fight with, The Exorcists as they were meant to be a cheaper substitute and supplementary force to the Grey Knights, and the Blood Ravens, who thanks to game fluff had a unit of Grey Knights attached to their force for some time.

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    Rules wise, there is by technicality nothing preventing you from allying Grey Knights to a Space Marine army beyond the mandatory force organization chart limits. You just need your HQ and two troops, then you can add on one Grey Knight HQ choice, one elite choice, two troop choices and one fast attack choice to your army. If you want to use a Grey Knight Dreadnought, just use a Grey Knight dread with Venerable Space Marine rules. They're the same thing (Actually, the Venerable is much better and more in line with what a Grey Knight dread should be). If you want to spam the six dreadnought army, you'll find it tough to add any Grey Knights in, as taking six stock Dreads, the Master of the Forge and a couple of tactical squads already runs you through to 1500ish points.

    The same does not hold if you want to use Daemonhunters as the base army. If you include Space Marines in a Daemonhunters force, you cannot include Space Marines. Reasoning is that Space Marines would ask Grey Knights for assistance, but Grey Knights would never ask Space Marines for help. There's a thread describing Allies for more details.

    So.... Yeah...
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