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    Master of the Forge, Techpriests and Servitors

    So just to introduce myself, I'm a total space marine n00b but I've been collecting other armies for years. I've always wanted to make an Adeptus Mechanicus / Iron Hands army, and I'm thinking of finally giving it a try with the new SM codex. So I've been playing around with army lists, but I can't seem to make these units work, even semi-competitively... So I turn to the Librarium Basilicum for guidance:

    1. Master of the Forge: Okay, this is the obvious HQ choice for an Admech army, from a fluff perspective. But he can't seem to make his mind up about what type of role he's going to take.
    - He's got the option of trading in his servo harness for a Shokk Attack Gun, but by doing this he's giving up his coolest piece of wargear and essentially just becoming a backseat artillery unit. (by the way, i know it's not really an s.a.gun )
    - The only other option he seems to have is to become a combat beast. But how does he do this, without just being plain inferior (points-efficiency wise) to a captain/commander? If he joins a squad of servitors (the fluffy thing to do), then he'll be foot-slogging it with the flimsiest unit in the codex. So, do other players stick him on a bike, or join him to an elite cc-squad?

    2. Techpriests and Servitors: Okay. There's no easy way for me to say this... I think that the elite techpriests and servitor choices are just bad units. The only way to (reasonably) take servitors is to attach them to a techpriest, thanks to their "deer in the headlights" special rule. But then you only have 2 choices - either make an overpriced, flimsy heavy weapons platform, or a flimsy, footslogging cc squad....

    3. Techpriests and Thunderfire Cannons: Lastly, here's one of the sweetest models in the codex, imo. But are space marine vehicles, like vindicators and whirlwinds, just plain better?

    I hope this doesn't sound like a lot of whining, what I'm actually hoping for is some good insights into how to make these units work efficiently. So, if you use any of these units, how do you do it, and what are some good tactics to get the most out of them?

    Tyranids: 2500 pts
    Imperial Guard: 1000 pts
    Witch Hunters: 1000 pts

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    I've used master of the forge with good success with the conversion beamer on a bike. In a small APOC battle, first turn he took down a baal predator, next turn a land raider. He's not made for CC since he loses the harness, but you could keep the harness, slap him on a bike and have just as many attacks as a captain. You'll have 2 power fist, 2 power sword attacks, and 1 more attack on the charge, so he can be decent in close combat.

    I haven't used regular tech marines and don't want too.

    I have used a thunderfire cannon against some opponents, mainly orks. It took down a loota squad, then deffkoptas blew it to pieces, even though it was in fortified ruins. I hear people call them, glass cannons. It is neat when you can lay down 4 small blast templates a turn. If you can get a shot off against a mob of orks, they can demolish most of it. With having a variety of shots to use, you can stall your opponent, or deny them cover, or use a high strength blast in the open.

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    ++ FOLLOWING QUESTION OF Abraham Lincoln ++

    + Message starting +

    Dear Space Marine Commander.

    The administration of the Adeptus Mechanicus see with favor your willingness to accept the challenge and start a Chapter of our favourite Space Marine Chapters.

    On your questions you have bestowed to us the sages have searched the Librariums deeply and they are in the joyful situation to reply. On the question about the Master of the Forge, and taking the fact that you have to choose him to lead your forces if you are to follow the traditions of the glorified Chapter, we would recommend you to take him with the standard equipment. The full servo harness is an essential equipment to use. If you have, and want, to replace it we would recommend strongly to take the Conversion Beamer. A powerful and arcane equipment made from the Mechanicus to help Astartes prevail the xenos enemies.

    Techpriests and their faithful servants, the servitors, are a nice selection. Although you should take it if you are using Mechanised Army List, as Lord Tsele does and it happens to fell to our knowledge. In the Mechanised Army List youo can make an excellent use for this selection as they will be able to heal the Spirit of the Machines. In other cases the usage is not advisable.

    Thunderfire Cannons are a very versatile and powerful weapon to use on the battlefield. Although some careful planning and some luck is needed...

    We hope that this was helpful feedback on our behalf. Please inform us on the progress in creation of your Chapter of our beloved Iron Hands.

    Having faith in the Emperor of Mankind

    Administration of Adeptus Mechanicus

    + Message ended +

    Thanks to all the people showing faith in me

    I sometimes feel that everyone will leave me and they will be on their own...

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