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    So is this a good start at a GK army

    I have slowly been building this over the last month and a half

    PAGK 34
    4 Justicars
    2 Psycannons
    3 Incinerators

    20 Stormtroopers
    2 Vets 2 of each special Weapon

    13 GKT
    2 BCs, 2 INCs, 1 PsyC,

    1 Brother Stern

    1 Lord Coteaz and his Retinue plus 1 Warrior

    1 LRC
    2 Rhinos

    1 Eversor Assasian
    1 Vindicaire Assasian

    2 Inq Lords 1 with GKs

    I plan on getting 2 dreads w MLs, LsCs CWs Multi Meltas, filling out my retinue reserves, 1 LR, 26 more assorted PAGKs, 12 more GKTs

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    That seems great...I don't know if you need too much more than that unless you are playing incredibly high point games. 34 GKs will cost 850 points, if you add your Justicars you have a solid force. then you need an HQ, and most people use 4-6 terminators, with some going way up to eight. Stormies in rhinos are good, as is a land raider. Make sure you take ML/TLLC dreads if you can't switch the arms, if you can both dread types are useful (DCCW+AC being the other type).

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    You've got more than enough to play games, that's for sure. You may still want to buy stuff, particularly vanilla PAGKs to get bigger units without special weapons, and possibly dreadnoughts and normal land raiders and additional melta ISTs for extra tank-popping power, but you're certainly good to go as is. It's time to make lists and play!
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