I want to build an apocalypse Space Marine army, and have ( somewhat crazy maybe )
an idea running through my head.
To fill up my fast attack, I want to use two vanguard veteran squads ( with either only power weapons and a relic blade ( giving them more attacks ), or with power weapons AND storm shields, and a relic blade ( less attacks, more durable )) and a scout bike squad with an locator beacon. I also take along an terminator assault squad with
either lightning claws ( more attacks ) or thunder hammers and storm shields ( more
durable ).

Before my first turn ( should I get it ), I use the scout move + turbo boost with my scout
bikes to get them as far ahead as possible. In my first turn, if the scout bikers are close
enough so units deep striking can charge ( which ussually won't be the case in Apocalypse ), I drop the vanguard using heroic intervention,
and the terminator assault squad close to them, so the vanguard can charge the enemy.

The rest of the army are better will be an shooting one, with sternguard, lots of tacticals ( only 1 scout for Serg. Telion ). Cato and Pedro with command squad and honour guard ( as a counter charge ).

The only thing, will the scout bike - vanguard - terminator combo work? And which equipment do you think will be better? The equipment to make them more durable ( and to say, I'm in favor of this one ), or make them have more attacks each?

Please some feedback.