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    New player, and no idea what to do with these guys.

    So three months ago my new roomie tells me he's got a deal for me.

    I'd seen Warhammer before - Surprisingly enough, in England when I was visiting one of my cousins is where I'd seen it first - but had never had the disposable income or the patience to get into it.

    Well here was my buddy with an army - All ready to go, partially painted, pretty decent size - and at a price of about 140 bucks I couldnt turn down.

    The army was, In total

    3 - 10 Man Tactical squads with flamers and rocket launchers.
    1 - 5 Man Devastator squad, 2 Lascannons, 3 Rocket launchers
    1 - 10 man scout squad, 9 With sniper rifles, 1 heavy bolter.
    1 - Rhino, with Pintle mounted storm-bolter
    1 - Predator Tank, with Turret mounted twin-linked Lascannon, and side-sponson Lascannons
    1 - Dreadnought, from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set
    12 Terminators - 1 with an Assault cannon, 1 with a Missile launcher-thing, and the rest with standard power-fist and Storm bolter set up.
    1 - Whirlwind, old style, not very well put together, but still, a Whirlwind.
    3 - Space Marine Bikes, Normal type, but I have little bitz I can use to attach Attack-bike cars to them with Multi-meltas.
    2 Captains - With enough unique looking normal space marines to fudge an "Honor Guard"
    1 Librarian
    1 Chaplain

    Now, I know this isnt any kind of real 'army list' or not as such that I've seen - but I've been playing with it for the past three months - Against Tau, against 'nids, Against some Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar, Regulard Eldar, Witch Hunters, and Imperial Guard - And a few things have come to the fore

    1.)I dont seem to stand a chance ever against the Tyranids. The Carnifex's rape the crap out of me every single time, and so does the Hive Tyrant.

    2.) My bikes have become insta-gibb targets with my gaming buddies, as I usually attach a tele-homer to them and turbocharge them in, to try and get my Terminators where theyr'e supposed to be, Despite this - They have singlehandedly managed to take out several entire Imperial guard platoons and Tau firewarrior groups, among a few other things.

    3.) My rhino never seems to make it past the first 12 inches of movement. It always gets blown up by SOMETHING

    3b.) Ordinance Templates are fun. Go Whirlwinds.

    4.) I have no idea how to improve this army.

    About three days ago, I decided to buy some of my own models and give myself some choice - A Land Raider (Cuz I want one. It looks cool, and I've ot some good fluff for it.) Another couple of 5 man scout squads, and a Techmarine with Servitors (To put behind the Land Raider and keep it moving.)

    But I still have no idea how to build them/upgrade them properly, how to field them to my best advantage - or really, much of anything else. Stunningly enough, Im the only Space Marine player in our group, so I have no one to turn to for advice or ideas.

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    Lets adress you points
    1. Kill the steelers first then work on the synapse creatures. ML LC and plasma guns are excellent against the big stuff. Flamers in rhinos for the hordes.
    2. Sounds a good use of bikes to me.
    3. Smoke launchers. In deployment place it behind cover. on turn one move 12" forewards and lay smoke.Turn 2 get out and charge or move the rhino and get out to rappid fire.
    4. Write a 1500, 1750, 1850 or 2000 point army list in the forum and we will have a go.
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    1. Convert one of your tac squads to Sternguard, make that fex cry with poisoned shells.

    2. Bikes are awesome and fun units. Maybe fill it up some more. I have a captain to run with my bikers which makes them more effective.

    3. Drop pod might be a good alternative, especially with Sternguard or a Dread inside.

    4. Having a shooty approach is fine. I've suggested recently to other players that having a solid close combat unit to reinforce a shooty army is a good idea. An assault squad with a power fist might be able to take down the fex. A Vanguard squad with a couple thunderhammers will certainly be a threat to any unit.

    I'd say add more mobility and close combat options. Attack bikes are good. I like the Typhoon variant land speeders. Mobile units allow you to be reactive and provide support where it is really needed.

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    Yeah, bikes are pretty cool, aren't they? If I had the cash, I MIGHT go for them, but I'm not a fan of the models, so I guess that's out.

    Still, beefing up the squad of bikers is an idea. Might even add a multi-melta attack bike to the group, and REALLY put the hurt on. The MM also might be able to take out some of those pesky monstrous creatures.

    Speaking of those, you should only worry about the shooty ones. The CC fexes, even in 5th edition, are slow enough to ignore for the moment. In a nid army, the big things are all about misdirection. It's the swarm of little stuff, i.e. genestealers, that you should REALLY worry about. If you want to make your army more anti-nid, make sure you guard the template weapons and the heavy guns. They will help remove the threats. Gaunts are scary, but in 5th edition they are suffering from the new cc rules the same way other horde armies are. Take advantage!

    As for keeping the Rhino alive, there are three things you can do:

    1) Field it with extra armour (easy)
    2) Use the smoke launchers. Common tactic is to scream forward on turn one as fast and as far as possible (screw shooting anything with it) then popping the smoke launchers. Helps keep you alive into turn two, when you make the critical strategic move and drop off. (easy)
    3) Buy/build/paint/incorporate other vehicles into your army. (harder) Either use a lot of Rhinos to ensure at least SOME of them last a while, or bring some BIG vehicles (land raiders, vindicators, etc) that will scare the enemy into shooting at THEM, and not your transports. See, marines can do that nid trick too, that is, distracting the opponent from the really dangerous stuff (scoring unit marines) by using big, strong, scary vehicles.

    The land raider's not a bad idea, but how to build it depends on what it's for. If you want to transport a unit, it should be something good at cc but too slow or fragile to footslog. In this case, the crusader or redeemer variants are the way to go, as the vehicle forms a nice support unit to the assaulters.

    You can also use a "standard" land raider with lascannons, and keep it at a distance (at least, for a few turns) plinking away at those monstrous creatures or other heavy stuff that needs to go down. This is not a terrible idea, but in my opinion if you want to stand off and shoot with a vehicle, it's better to get a couple (yes, you really need more than one) Vindicators. Also, if nids are your primary opponents, the extra pie plates might be useful.

    Otherwise, you have a pretty solid core of troops there. Build some lists for them and post in the lists section for more feedback.

    Good luck!
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