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    Many Flavored Astartes

    Greetings fellow fans of the Astartes,

    I have a question for you:

    While trying to get the most bang out of my buck, I have decided to get a wide variety of models for my Astartes Force.

    I have settled on a color scheme for an existing chapter, but not its combat doctrine. Would any of you have a problem if I were to use different forces, even if they were painted in different colors?

    YES, I would use only the rules from the codex I intend to play from, and no cross-pollination to be had.

    For example:

    I arrange a game with a friend of mine and tell him I will be bringing my Marines. On Tuesday I bring my astartes, and inform my opponent that I am going to be playing... Black Templars. (They are painted in Space Wolf colors).

    That Thursday, I bring my models in for a friendly pick-up game. I use my astartes, but this time I field Vanilla marines (Painted in Space Wolf colors). A guy challenges me to a fight that weekend for 1,850 pts.

    That Friday, I bring my marines in and have an 1,850 deathwing list lead by a Logan Grimna "Counts As" Belial. (Painted in Space Wolf colors).

    The following Saturday, I play a game with my marines using my converted up Librarian that "Counts As" Mephiston and a unit of Wulfen that "Counts As" Death Company.

    The player that faced off against my "Deathwing" was there and claims I can't change armies like that.

    I never tailored my list for a specific opponent. I always told my opponent what ruleset I was using before the game started. I am 90% WYSIWYG (or more) every time I go to war.

    So, what was I doing anything wrong? Is this a viable way to collect an army(ies)? What if I did it with Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, or a DIY chapter?

    Very Respectfully,

    * "I'm Significant!" -screamed the dust speck
    * "Call me old fashioned, but an evil ascension to power just isn't the same without someone chanting faux Latin in the background."

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    I believe the term is 'proxy', and usually comes down to what your current opponent finds acceptable (as such, ignore any whiners who aren't actually involved in the match currently being played).

    As far as I know there are no rules regarding how your army must be painted, and as long as you inform your opponent before the match of any special rules/proxy units you field, there's nothing at all wrong.

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    you've done nothing wrong.

    if you didn't use the 'counts as' rule and actually had the models of the stuff you proxied (not that there is a belial model or specialist death company models), it wouldn't matter what colours you painted them in. especially as you are 90% wysiwyg.

    there is a rule in my lgs that applies to the whiner (who was in no way involved in the game). it's called the "don't be a dick" rule. if he brings it up at any of your other games, tell him "don't be a dick". as long as you and your opponent are happy, who cares?

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