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    New Imperial Guard Codex (5th Edition)

    Alright I have found out a while ago that in the next few months they are going to release a new Guard codex for 5th edition.

    No Doctrines (This is just a rumor)

    Commissar Lord (its like a Colonel-Commissar)

    new plastic Storm Troopers

    new plastic Cadian Command Squad

    new plastic Catachan Command Squad

    also storm troopers can take a valkryie as a transport

    new platic valkryie (it will not be a flying unit for regular games its going to be counted as a skimmer)

    new plastic kit for Leman Russ with demolisher and another tank class upgrades

    also leman russ are going to be in squads of 3 which each count as on heavy choice

    also armoured fist squads are gone now everything is going to be platoon based like veterans or drop troopers
    this is how the are going to replace the doctrines

    also i have no idea what this is going to be but one of the guys told me at the Bunker that they have a new model called a Prima Psyker (neither me or the guy at the shop new what that is)

    1 thing i hope they have is they make it so u cant give a command squad everything in the armoury

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