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    How many guys in a Death Company squad

    Hi there folks!

    My bro and I are having an argument.

    How many guys can you have in an DEATH COMPANY squad in BA?
    Is it max 10 or can you have more?

    "You may take additional Death Company
    models if you wish, as long as the total
    number of models in the unit doesn’t
    exceed 10"

    there is looks like 10 is maximum but later in transport section right below

    "A Death Company with 10 or fewer models
    that does not have jump packs may select a
    Blood Angels Rhino or a Drop Pod as a
    dedicated transport vehicle"

    that suggests that you can have more than 10..

    If I'm violating any thing here by quoting the codex feel free to delete my post but pls gimmie an answer..

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    How does it suggest that you can take more than 10?

    It says you can have a maximum of 10, that much is clear, it's no more than 10.
    The second entry say if you have 10 or less you can give them a transport... the maximum is still 10.

    I fail to see where it is said that you can have more than 10.
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    There is no unit cap on death company models, no where in it's entry does it say you do. You may pay for additional Death Company models until the unit reaches 10 and if the unit is 10 or less you may take a drop pod or rhino. Aside from these two options the unit size is determined by the number of units that contribute to death company. Say you got 12 tactical squads, you get 12 death company models, simple. You could potentially have a 100 man death company unit if you had enough contributing units to do so, which would be the whole darn chapter.
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    Duo_Sonata has it right. To determine your Death Company size, proceed as follows:

    1. Create your army list.
    2. Proceed to count all units that give you a free Death Company Marine.
    3. If the number of free Death Company members is below 10, you may additionally purchase Marines until you reach 10.
    4. Add the point costs for Jump Packs or Rhinos/Drop Pods if allowed to take them.
    In a regular Warhammer 40K game, you can maximally have 14 free Death Company Marines (6 Tacticals Squads + 3 Terminator Squads + 2 Honor Guards + 3 Devastator Squads = 14). If you don't have that many units to give you free Death Company Marines, you can have maximally 10. To have more than 14 is only possible in Apocalypse games, e.g. when you bring 10 Tactical Squads and 10 Devastator Squads.

    I for my part never buy additional Death Company Marines as they are too expensive pointswise, but I always give them Jump Packs. Furthermore, even 3 of them are quite killy in combination with Brother Chaplain Lemartes.
    "Fear not and look up to the sky for salvation, for we have entered orbit."
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