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Thread: Rate that Unit

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    Rate that Unit

    Just a little compilation I thought we would try. Basically the idea is we take a unit, choose the job it must fulfil and equip it accordingly, we then assess it in a few areas.

    1- Necessity: How Important is it to have a unit fulfilling the roll it is equipped for, if its there for complete fluff and serves no real use 1* it. If the unit is the backbone of your army and you couldn’t manage without them EVER 10*.

    2- Job Effectiveness: How good are this unit at the job there given, again 1* = useless 10* = Amazing. SIDE POINT: Just because you feel they are the best unit the guard has in this role does not give them an instant 10* rating.

    3- Value for points: Pretty self explanatory I feel. Again 1* if there crap 10* if its amazing.

    Overall Rating: The first 3 of the above added up and divided by 3 then rounded off.
    e.g. 6* < 6.49 - 6.50 < 7*



    - Difference of Opinion: Obviously a lot of the time were not going to agree as a community, different play styles mean units have different ratings so please take this into account, were looking at the unit in general. What I ask is you submit the unit and its job in the format below with your opinions and explanations. I will then add it to the main post and take in people comments on it and adjust it according if there is enough backing.

    - Finding the most effective unit: The idea is to find the most effective overall use of each unit in that roll, if you feel changes are needed to make a unit posted more effective in a roll please say so. If you have a completely different build for that unit in that roll please post it and they can be put side by side for comparison.

    - The New Codex: With the new codex around the corner im well aware this has its limited uses. But ill will also allow us to assess and compare the changes in the new codex and put the new units into the jobs created here and take formed ideas into our new armies.

    - Point cost: As you can see im showing point costs of the unit in the following format. If a unit cost 65 points it will be displayed as 6* a unit costing 120 points as 1**. This gives people a rough idea at unit cost when comparing but no specific value so not to breach GW copyright. When a unit is listed twice in the same job but with different equipment and the same point cost is displayed e.g. 1** the cheapest unit will be displayed first in the list.

    - APPROVED: When enough oks have been given for a specific unit and its ratings then I will add APPROVED next to the overall rating. Once approved reasons for rating will be removed to create space.

    Command Squad

    Leadership HQ Command Squad (Mobile – Supplying Increased firepower under 24”) Point cost: 1**

    Job: To stay within 12” of selected units providing high leadership value and some shooting power if enemy manage to close.

    Boltguns to all with access to the armoury, increase of shooting power at very low cost. Not too much impact vs. MEQ’s but for the points spent here who can complain?
    No Heavy weapon to allow the unit more movement flexibility and the options to not just sit back with Heavy Squads and supply firepower but move with infantry while shooting and maintaining leadership.

    Junior Officer: Honorifica Imperialis (Boltgun) – Saves a few points on HSO
    x4 Guardsmen: Veteran – Standard Bearer (Boltgun) – Leadership rerolls
    Veteran – Medic (Boltgun) – Unit Survival
    Guardsman (Plasma) – Extra shooting impact
    Guardsman (Lasgun) – A cheap wound if needed

    Overall Rating: * * * * * * * * * * 8/10

    Necessity: * * * * * * * * * * 8/10
    Job Effectiveness: * * * * * * * * * * 8/10
    Value 4 Points: * * * * * * * * * * 7/10

    Necessity: I feel 8 is fair as guard units are easily routed if not correctly supported.
    Effectiveness: Went for 8 here. They supply a 9 Leadership with rerolls to any unit within 12” and heave some good fire power especially vs. 5+ saves, still there only guardsmen and weak and can be venerable without support or position but the flexibility to move and stay within 12” makes them very effective.
    Value for points: 7 here and I think im being generous. Not overly expensive for the firepower and leadership they provide. Especially compared to other factions still there not cheap either. But as long as you don’t expect them to be heroes I think there ok for the points.

    Leadership HQ Command Squad (Static & Hidden supplying indirect fire) Point cost: 8*

    Job: To stay within 12” of selected units providing high leadership, remaining out of site while supplying indirect firepower.

    Squad equipment kept to a minimal amount. If there staying out of site they just don’t need it.

    Junior Officer: Honorifica Imperialis – Saves a few points on HSO
    x4 Guardsmen: Veteran – Standard Bearer – Leadership rerolls
    x2 Guardsman (Mortar Team) – Indirect Fire
    Guardsman (Lasgun) – A cheap wound if needed

    Overall Rating: * * * * * * * * * * 6/10

    Necessity: * * * * * * * * * * 6/10
    Job Effectiveness: * * * * * * * * * * 6/10
    Value 4 Points: * * * * * * * * * * 6/10

    Necessity: I feel 6 is fair, while leadership is a must the unit is static so its leadership bubble it harder to re-locate.
    Effectiveness: Went for 6 here. They supply a 9 Leadership with rerolls to any unit within 12” But the bubble isn’t moveable, mortar s firepower is also very questionable.
    Value for points: 6 here again the leadership area is 2 low and static with insufficient fire power which leaves then vulnerable. Other set ups offer much more for the points.

    Last edited by Meps; February 4th, 2009 at 12:58.

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