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    Razorback: Old-School Turret, New School look

    Greetings and salutations fellow gamers and fans of the Astartes,

    I am interested in building a razorback, but I want the guns to be operated by astartes, and not a machine spirit turret.

    So, my question is this: How would you go about replicating the old-style operator-controlled turret on the new-style rhinos? I have thought about using an attack bike side car attached to the current weapon mount, and then mouning the weapon option on the opposite side. So: Gunner][Guns and thinking of using the Land Raider sponson for the TL/lascannons.

    Do you have any other options in mind? I thought about tweaking the immolator turret to fit an Astartes..but that might be beyond my skill level But...would that be viable? (I know that the immolator mounts for the melta, flamer, and heavy bolter options, are the same size as the heavy bolter, lascannon, and assault cannon options for the razorback turret.

    As always, your opinions are appreciated.


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    Well first off, i just want to say that a "machine spirit" doesn't fire the gun on top of the razorbacks, its a gunner in the tank that would, just like in real life, you dont sit on top of the tank to fire the big guns.

    Either way, if you were looking to convert something to make it look newer, I think you were spot on with both your own ideas. The Immolator is a good start, cause it already looks like that. Also, the attack bike side car is a good idea, but i wouldnt mount it like that. You'll need the seat and the leggs of that marine so hes sitting but i would mount it onto a predator turret bottom then put some plasticard on it to make it flat, then mount the chair and such. Sorry it's hard to describe a visual image of what i'm thinking. hope you get it.
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