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    Black Templar Chaplain Lists

    Hey guys, I want to know what would be a good BT list that includes Chaplains as Hqs because well...They own, lol...only thing that isn't cool is when you take a Chappy and a Command Squad and Cenobyte Servitors that you can't take Veteran yeah, put down some lists if you want and we can go over them to see what goes with what, what should attack what and so, thanks for talking Black Templars with me cheers

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    Hey man,
    First off it's been a while since I posted.

    Here is my 1k point list with a Chap as my lead. Really like it since it's fun and hard hitting with some nice bog-down troops.

    Emperor's Champion
    Uphold the honor

    Master of Sanctity
    Terminator Armour

    Terminator Squad
    Assault Cannon


    Squad 1 (10 initiate)
    (10 neophyte)
    power weapon

    Squad 2 (5 initate)
    Plasma Gun
    Missile launcher

    Attack Bike


    So yea, that comes to exactly 1k points.

    My general strategy is keep the dread and squad 2 back. Rush straight in with squad 1, keeping the emp's champ behind or a little back of them so when they get in combat... he can charge in the turn after and annihilate stuff.

    If allowed, I like to deep strike the chaplain and his termie squad. If allowed by the scenario of course. If not they are a hard hitting flank.

    The attack bike could be replaced by a landspeeder. It's my tank/special character/wraithlord sniper.

    So yea, it's a slow army... but my board is only 4'x4' so combat happens fast (and almost all of my opponents are swarm combat armies). To make it faster you could always switch termies with an assault squad and tweak stuff a bit.

    Black Templar (W/D/L): 4/6/2
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    Warriors of Chaos (W/D/L): 3/0/1

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