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    Liber Heresius+First Turn

    I usually play Grey Knights, but I decided to pick up a Witch Hunters Codex to thumb through. I came across the item Lier Heresius and a thought occured to me. This item says that when taken you can do a leadership check to choose your deployment zone. Now my question is in 5th edition you roll of to see who chooses deployment zone. The winner gets to deploy first and gets to go first. So with this item if you pass your leadership check do you guarantee your deployment zone and first turn?

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    From the looks of it, having it on an IL would be better (Ld10 over Ld8.), but yea you would get to choose assuming you passed this easy Ld Test. I personally don't use inquisitors because I'd rather play a pure force ("pure" I use GK as well) and it doesn't fit with the fluff of my army, but I can imagine this being really fun to use if you have a Callidus Assassin. Not only do they not get a chance to choose a board side, but you get to move their pieces around xD

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    The updated GWS faq states that the Lier of Heresius is now useless exept in some older gametypes

    from the faq
    The Liber Heresius doesn’t work within any of
    the three deployment types given in the standard
    missions in the new rulebook, because it only
    works when you are able to dice off for choice of
    deployment zone – in the new missions you don’t
    actually dice off for this, as it is decided by who
    wins the dice off to have the first turn. However,
    there are plenty of other missions where it will
    still work, such as many of those in Cities of
    Death, in White Dwarf or those written by
    tournament organisers for use in their events.
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