Due to having some money and incoming new codex and me without any troops after all I'm back to IG. I Love SL because of fluff, strategy and models, but for fluff especially and with nice models and because of avaibility I love Cadians as well. So... I'm here to ask you for help for planning army.

I have not yet decided upon scheme, it will be one of these:

a) Full Tank Company turned into battle group by supporting infantry company
b) Mechanised Company with supporting remnants of Tank Company

Both seem nice, yet it all depends on if there are those 'assault platoons' (3 flamers + chimera... hell yeah) and if infantry unit sergeant may have power weapons (new standard bearer may have PW and in previous codex couldn't, so... you know what I'm thinking). And I want to convert some snipers as well, therefore I am not sure what, why and how.

I believe that as always you have many weird ideas I wouldn't even dream of.