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    Two Raiders @ 1750?

    There is a tournament coming up next weekend for 1750pts, and I have won a couple of these at 1500pts over the past few months so I wanna try and keep the train rolling. However in those tournies I was playing alot more of a balanced list without going so hvy on the armor/assault troops. I think this would be a fun list, but I dunno how well I would finish if I played it since a few good shots and some bad dice in my favor could cost me a third of my army pretty quick.

    Space Wolves - 1750 Two Pc Raider McLuvin

    1x LR Crusader+MM

    1x LR Redeemer +MM

    1x Ven Dread +MM (HQ)

    1x Wolf Lord (FrAxe,Belt) (HQ) - Rhino/Hunters

    1x Rune Priest (HQ) (Termi,FrAxe,Charm) - Crusader/Claws

    1x Dread +TLLC

    12x Blood Claws (PF,PW,PP)-WGL (PF) - Redeemer

    14x Blood Claws (PF,PW,PP,Flamer)-WGL (PF) - Crusader

    9X Grey Hunters (PF,Meltagun)-WGL (PW) - Rhino

    5x Scouts (PP,Meltagun,Meltabombs)

    The basic plan is to form an armor wall as I move forward across the board utilizing the front Raider and possibly terrain to provide cover on rnd 1 while popping smoke with the front tank. Then if possible position the other in front on the next to pop smoke and also provide cover for the things behind. I have the Dreads move up the opposite flank to either draw fire away from the armor wall or to move in unmolested as they focus their big weapons on the tanks. Or at the very least (and sometimes most importantly) hold my base on C&C while my armor/assault troops roll at theirs. I also have the option open to use my Rhino full of Greyhunters to play some midfield and possibly fall back for the base around turn 3-4 depending on the situation.

    The store tournies usually consist of the following:

    Tau x 1 or 2
    Orcs x 3
    Eldar x 1
    Dark Eldar x 1
    Chaos Marines x 1
    Codex SM x 2
    Necrons x 1
    Sisters of Battle x 1 *possible
    Imperial Guard x 1 *possible (These 3 may or may not show up, long drive)
    Tyranids x 1 *possible

    So I am thinking that with that spread of armies I need to cover my bases when it comes to tank hunting, power armor cracking, and horde stomping. I would love to squeeze in another scoring unit or a Whirlwind to deal with the inevitable wall of green, but the two raiders kinda limit my options. I have not tried this particular strategy yet, but in theory with three vehicles popping smoke and using terrain I can move across the field with a cover save for each at almost all times. This will help me deal with the Eldar/Tau tank killers, however I know those will be my toughest fights if I pull them. Here is where I am hoping the scouts will shine as they come in from their table edge and catch a few of their big guns in the rear armor.

    I know this list is gimped to all hell on range, and I am relying on the armor line, scouts, and good terrain usage to get me across the field. This is why Tau/Eldar will be rough, but I think with all the Horde killing and assaulty goodness in the list I will be able to run over a few of the other armies out there and have an easy enough time on the others.
    If any of you have tried a similar strategy, or just have input/ideas feel free to let me know. After all it's why I typed this wall'o'text.

    Last edited by Kaotik; March 10th, 2009 at 17:34.

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    Pretty good army. I would give both dreads TLLC + ML for long range anti-tank or TLLC + HF if you're concerned about little greenies.

    That said, I played SM vs Orks 2K. I had 2 LR's (LRR+LR), 2 rhinos and about 45 guys. He had 220+. I thought I would get massacred but I actually fared pretty well against him. I used my LR's as walls and to minimize the number of troops that could assault me. He had to leave early but so far we were tied.

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