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    Drop Pod 'Style'

    After having read the drop pod tactica (thanks ForgedInTheFurnaceOfWar and Mathlete) and read a couple of other posts regarding drop pods (drop your devvies etc) I’ve really wanted to start a drop pod based army with supporting deepstrikers.

    This is really a request for any advice on list composition, past experiences and war tales (the great and the down right miserable experiences) resulting from the use of drop pods.

    Also would the following be a good rough stab at a list:
    scouts x 2 ( 10 man squads armed with snipers and bolters camo cloaks and locator beacon) 195 x 2 ish
    sternguard x 2 (10 man squads with combi weapons (5) (mix)) 275 x 2 ish
    assault squad (10 men with 2 plasma pistols and a power weapon) 235
    chaplain w/jump pack to go in assault squad (115) or pedro (not saying points for fear of censorship)
    a few point to spare when looking at a 1500pts list(with pedro - 80, with chaplain - 140) with the chaplain i might go for a basic (default weapons) podding dread...

    This is NOT an army list thread, just would the above be a half decent example of a podding/half podding/deepstrike list i.e. no glaring issues?

    All advice is GREATLY appreciated


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    First thing to understand is that what you want is difficult to impossible to pull off well. Deep strikes and drop pods don't mix. They do not play well together...

    Why: Drop podders want to come in with as many units on the first turn as possible. Deep strike units reduce the number of units that could come in with pods. Therefore they compete with each other in a bad way.

    Basically you want to keep your force together as much as possible.

    It's all pods (and maybe a small ground force), or no pods.

    So terminators, jump packs units, and landspeeders, and generally units that outflank, are no-no's for a drop pod list.

    Questions about drop pods? Click Here.


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