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    What should go first?

    We guard players often have over ten units that can fire in one shooting phase. So what weapons do you fire first? This is very crucial to our success i just wanted to know what you guys tend to do.

    Battlecannons, hellhounds, sentinels, infantry hvy weapons, hvy weapon squads

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    I believe it is a mistake to consider weapon priority. Rather we should consider target priority. In this way, i summarize the priority of enemy targets by their ability to inflict critical damage to me. By critical damage, I mean, significantly effecting my offensive abilities next turn. Than I consider units that represent future threats, by future threats I mean units that can't hurt me this turn, but have potential ability to inflict damage later.

    Factoring the future threats, against the current threats, I make a determination on the units threat level. High, Medium, Low. Now I consider the durability of the enemy, can I easily remove the enemies ability to inflict damage to me, or can i make significant gains towards doing that next turn? And which units do I have in range that are capable of doing this task?

    Based on this information I assign primary targets for my primary shooters, in the case of imperial guard, this is heavy weapon squads, and ordnance. I shoot the easiest to damage units first. In other words, punish the enemy for any juicy units they field.

    The rest is consider slush. Flexible units that can act as back up shooters, normally used as backup in case the primary shooter units rolls poorly. I will shoot with my primary shooters first, except if the slush units has no other viable targets, and the primary shooter squad does. Otherwise I will use slush to soften up other targets for primary shooters later.

    Finally, the last exception to the above shooting order is what I consider weapon priority. template weapons are the highest priority, followed by large blast/ordnance, and small blast weapons. These take priority if they plan to shoot one of the primary target units targets. In this way, you hope to maximize damage to the enemy by hitting the most targets possible, with template and blast weapons.

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    Aye, prioritize first by what is most capable of hurting you, shoot at it with what can hit it and is likely to hurt it, and fire with template weaponry before direct fire weaponry. Also consider whether the firing you stands a good chance of killing off the target. If it already stands a good chance of killing it, save the unit you would have used to soften it until after the other squad fires and the target rolls any morale checks that are forced. If it breaks or is annihilated, you can use that unit to shoot someone else.

    Also consider the position of the unit. You don't want to shoot a battle cannon at something that just deep struck into the middle of your lines, instead, you probably want to fire that battle cannon at something squishy, that while being farther away and less capable of hurting you, won't risk collateral damage to your own units.
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