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    Topic of the Week Index

    Space Marines Topic of the Week Index

    Welcome to the Topic of the Week Index for the Space Marines forum. This thread will provide a one-stop access point for every Space Marine Topic of the Week thread posted; I will edit the links into this post every week after the threads have been put up, so be sure to check back here.

    The Topic of the Week threads were an idea originally sparked in the Imperial Guard forum, and I have decided to bring it to the Space Marines forum to promote discussion of units, tactics, and everything else regarding our new 5th edition codex.

    I will post up a new Topic of the Week thread every Wednesday by 11:59pm EST. Just because new topics are put up, however, does not mean that you should feel like you shouldn't reply to earlier threads; every Topic of the Week thread is going to stay open for discussion.

    If you have an idea for a future Topic of the Week, please feel free to send me a PM.

    Topic 01: Land Raiders
    Topic 02: Special Characters
    Topic 03: Honour Guard & Command Squads
    Topic 04: Allies
    Topic 05: Close Combat
    Topic 06: Dreadnoughts
    Topic 07: Non-Codex Chapters
    Topic 08: Drop Pod Assault
    Topic 09: Memorial Day Memories
    Topic 10: Terminators
    Topic 11: Psykers
    Topic 12: VS Chaos
    Topic 13: Scouts
    Topic 14: Devastators

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    Lost Nemmie has been kind enough to let me take over the Space marine Topic of the Week thread; so if anyone has any ideas for future topics feel free to PM them to me, seriously i'm 6 topics in and i'm already running out of ideas. The topics from now on will be posted up sometime wednesday and as always there will be a link to it in this thread.

    Topic 15: Assault Marines
    Topic 16: Rhinos/ Razorbacks
    Topic 17: Tactical Squads
    Topic 18: v. Imperial Guard
    Topic 19: Predators
    Topic 20: Land Speeders
    Topic 21: Chaplains
    Topic 22: v. Orks
    Topic 23: Combat Tactics and TSKNF
    Topic 24: SW Early Impressions
    Topic 25: Bike Armies
    Topic 26: v. Eldar
    Topic 27: Techmarines and Masters of the Forge
    Topic 28: Bike Squads
    Topic 29: Scout Armies
    Topic 30: v. Necrons
    Topic 31: Dark Angels
    Topic 32: Whirlwinds
    Topic 33: Apocalypse
    The Emperor Protects
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    Kevin has chosen to pass on the Topic of the Week to somebody else, and he has given me the honor of nominating me his successor. I will do my best to come up with ideas and post them once a week, so that this established and useful tradition can go on. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for future topics.
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