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    Librarian Conversion :)

    Hi all

    I just wanted to share another marine conversionw ith you I decided to do a librarian for the ultramarine army my bf is helping me build. So I set to work digging through his bitz box seeing what i could steal I think i did a pretty good job. if you don't like fully metal models (like me) then this may be of help to you

    Power armor Legs
    Black Reach Terminator Sargeant Torso Front Piece
    Power armor open handed arm
    Plasma Pistol arm
    power armor torso back
    Ultramarine shoulder pad (or pad for any other chapter of your liking)
    Power armor marine helmet head
    power armor backpack
    "crotch tabard" -giggles- or that's what i call it, see pictures.
    Force weapon (mine was a spear/staff/force weapon thingy from a really old looking grey knights figure, i think it was. it was in the bottom of his box so i'm sure he won't miss it.)

    Ok, a little explanation. The reason I used the BR Termie torso part is because it was a very quick/easy way to make a psychic hood. just clip off the light/sensor thiingy on the top and boon, instant psychic hood.

    For the back of the figure i took the helmet head and cut it in half (see picture of the back.) to make the back of the figures hood/head. Just shove it in the hole on the back of the torso and glue. then under that position the rear portion of the power armor torso. there's a bit of a gap between the torso front and back, but i used a dremel tool to sand down a little and they blended together pretty seamlessly in the end.

    The rest of it is pretty self explanitory from the pictures I think. I hope you like and maybe some of you would like to use

    (sorry didn't think to take any unpainted pictures of it)

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    Not a bad job, though the painting could use a little cleaning up. Also, MOLD LINES! You need to try to remove those prior to painting, they really take a lot away from the model.

    The only other thing is that this (and your other) thread should probably be placed in the Painting or Modelling forums. Still, good job!

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    nice one, especially with the hood, although i would have chopped the thumb off and remoulded one out of green stuff (but thats just nit picking). I really like the way you used the terminator body for the psychic hood

    You paint faces well, but the rest could do with tidying up, and like what Lost Nemesis said, MOULD LINES!!!

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