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    Pricing of the advanced orders?

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the hobby and have never seen a major army release so here's my question: Why are the new IG battleforces 5 dollars more than the Space Marines one? From what I can see (and without reading the new codex) We get a lot less than they do for 5 dollars more in terms of both points and utility. For starters: The space marine battleforce comes with A scout Squad (Troops), a Space Marine squad (Troops), a Tactical Squad (Troops), a Rhino (Dedicated Transport), and an Assault Squad (Fast Attack). We get: Two Squads of standard troopers and a command squad (Troops, all of this is used to make a basic platoon), a Sentinel (Fast Attack), and a heavy weapons squad (Heavy Support). From the looks of it, this seems like we're getting the short end of the stick, am I missing something?

    Also why is the valkyrie 58 dollars? Isn't there a trend in Games Workshop to make things solid round numbers (minus the blisters) such as 22, 25, 35, 50, and 55 dollars? I'm just curious about these two things as it seems very peculiar to see this compared to the old battleforce (where we at least got a LRBT)...

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    Online it is to do with the VAT in the UK, american prices will also be affected by our shockingly bad exchange rate atm as well.

    As for what you get the price is based on the amount of models, we will get 21 and a sent, which works out to a full legal army if you use vets as troops. yes points will come into it but you have to remember that the infantry will have the new vet and penal legion sprue. As for the price hike its probs cos of the credit crunch and GW trying to compensate.

    other than that its probs just the vagueries of GW pricing

    Hope that helps


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