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    New to loyalists, need help with 2k tournament list

    I have played orks and chaos, but am new to loyalist marines. Honestly, I beat them pretty easily with both armies and I felt they were not utilized to their potential, so i am starting to play with them to both become a better player and for the fun and fluff that ultramarines bring.

    Here are the models I own right now. I am not opposed to buying what is necessary, but I hop I have what I need.

    Librarian in terminator armor
    HQ that buffs tacs and lets you reroll to sieze initiative
    Captain with pw

    10 terminators, 2 with cyclone launchers
    10 assault terminators, 5 with ss/th, 5 with lc
    2 AoBR dreadnoughts
    12 Sternguard, 3 with combi meltas

    2 10 man tac squads and a combat squad with 2 rockets, 2 flamers, melta, plasma, 2 sgts w/pf
    10 scouts, 4 with sniper rifles, cloaks, telion, with heavy bolter

    Fast Attack
    3 attack bikes with multi meltas
    5 Assault squad

    Heavy Support
    Land Raider
    Land Raider redeemer
    Land Raider crusader

    2 rhino
    5 drop pods

    I will be facing troop heavy IG (with a couple of big tanks), 3 land raider sm, mechanized csm, a deadly t'sons chaos list, and a green tide army.

    I just cannot get a solid all comers list together. No matter what I do, someone rolls over me.

    Please help me get a solid list together!

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    (sorry for long post!)

    mmmmmm, you could make some pretty balanced lists with that lot there matey.

    I think the special character (HQ) you've got with re-rolling reroll to sieze initiative is Sicarius, and he rocks. Keep him on the board, and really think about taking the librarian as your second HQ.

    Deployment of those two dreadnoughts is key to their survival. Drop-pod both on turn 1 and use them to pop raiders/etc. If facing a infantry/horde army use them to deep strike later in game to assault units that cant harm them, such as groups of guardsmen =)

    Those raiders will be a big target, so trying to keep a redeemer alive and mobile long enough to get a flamer or two on the enemy will be tough unless you've already taken down the enemy anti-armour.

    Termies are expensive, especially at 10men. Prefer tactical marines over termies where possible, and only deep-strike if your battle plan will require support randomly on the board by turn 3.

    Note on Telion - he is very expensive when not being used in one of the following two roles:
    1 - HQ sniping. Being able to force wounds on a particular model really helps
    2 - Firing Kraks. A 2+ to hit and wound on a 48" AP3 weapon is epic =)

    Your assault squad isnt large enough to be the leader in any assault. Either flesh it out to 10men or use it as counter-assault.

    You've got a great Sternguard unit. Drop-pod them mid-game to cause some real issues for the surviving army, or drop them on turn 1 and rapid-fire the hell out of a unit =) Attach the Librarian with Gate of Infinity for some funky movement options (and with opponents concent, break combat too!)

    Attack bikes with MM's are excelent for rapidly moving down a flank and popping a tank or two, just keep them moving for that cover save and you'll be laughing =)

    Vindicator is a good heavy option, but I would only take it with one or two raiders, as it is a big enough target (and threat) that it will attact a lot of attention on turn 1. A couple of those pie-plate blasts should reduce enemy hordes quite fast though =)

    Whirlwind, not so great. I've always struggled to get mine to do enough damage in a game. Against Orks or IG its got potential, but anything else it will struggle.

    I think the key to getting a decent army list is to build a list out of what you've got thats reletivly decent against one particular enemy, but not entirely specialised, then adjust your deployment and game plan against other armies.

    What I would take:

    Sicarus (200p)
    Libby (Epistolary) with Gate and Smite (175p)

    10Sternguard with 3 Combi's (265p)
    +Pod (35p)
    AoBR Dread (105)
    +Pod (35p)

    Tac squad with Fist, ML and Flamer (195p)
    +Pod (35p)
    Tac squad with Fist, ML and Melta (200p)
    Scouts, 4snipers, Telion, Cloaks (140p)

    3xAttack Bikes with MM's (150p)
    Assault squad (100p)

    Redeemer (240p)
    Vindicator (115p)

    That should leave you 10points to play with optional wargear/etc before you reach 2kpoints, or drop the Assault squad and that will free up another 100 for other changes you might want.

    Tactics - Attach libby to Sternguard in drop-pod, Sicarus to Tactical squad in Drop pod. Tactical squad with melta should be given Infiltrate (from Sicarius!). Deploy Redeemer so that it Shields the Vindi a little on one flank, bikes and assault marines on the other flank. Infiltrate the scouts onto one objective but keep your distance. Infiltrate tactical squad so it can make a first-turn shot on a vehicle. Drop Sternguard and Sicarius (if infantry-heavy) or Dread (if vehicle heavy) right on the enemy. Turn 1 movement - advance redeemer/vindi down one flank, assault squad / bikes down the other. Shooting, scouts aim for HQ with Sicarus trying to get wounds on the main HQ model, infiltrating tacs shoot their target vehicle, Sternguard/libby unleash everything on one squad, with the other tacs/Sicarius or Dread hitting their targets.

    After turn 1, you should have hit the enemy so hard they cannot recover.

    Note, if you dont get the initiative for turn 1, deploy the infiltrating tactical squad so that enemy jump troops/fast troops cannot get a charge on them, while maintaining 12 to 13 inches away from the enemy, and remember they can charge on turn 1 with that fist!

    Sorry about the long post!


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    Eh, I find Sicarius too expensive for what he does. He has some nice abilities, but nothing truly game-changing and considering he costs more than Vulkan and Shrike I would have expected more.

    To the OP, you have some good builds in there. Land Raider heavy is a popular choice, as would a mech army, Drop Pods force, and the like.

    Assault Termines in the LRC, Tacticals hiding in normal LRs, a single Drop Pod Dread coming in to pop tanks, Vindicator for pie plates goodness, and Attack Bikes to bust tanks.
    Check out ==My== blog:

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