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    in my mind.........................................
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    this post is placed here for the daemonhunters army general tactica me and max_volumez will be making many more of these posts for each of the armies

    basically what we want is general army tactics against the opposing army with a PURE daemonhunters force (PM me if you want to send in a radical strategy)
    in this case is a force of vanilla space marines.

    please poist general tactics and this will be added to the daemonhunters army tactica when this thread cools off

    (also mods please dont delete this as its going towards our tactica not as a newbie question thnx)

    and there ya go

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    I'd say against SM, a dread with TLLC and ML is a must. There isn't much tank killing power in DH, so we need all the help we can get.
    Note: ALWAYS put your dread behind cover in deployment. If he goes first, he can't see you. If you go first - just walk out and shoot keeping it hull-down might also be a good idea of your facing a lot of heavy weapons.
    Then, given that you need a dread, a Grey knight hero must be included.
    - Grey Knight Hero
    - Icon of the Just (for all those las/plasma cannons that are going to be pointing your way)
    - Add a ret. for protection if you can afford the points, else keep him close to other units to take advantage of the Idenpendent character rules.

    - Another combination find very effective is Callidus & Inq. Lord with Ret. (plasma Cannon)
    The idea being that you get to use Word in your Ear to move a unit (say, a devastator squad) out of cover, and into a tight bunch. Then when it's your turn to shoot (prey you go first), lay down some plasma blast templates on the troop
    Add one or 2 heavy bolters to the Ret. to finish the squad off (if there are any left) Some acolytes to absorb wounds aren't a bad idea. Give them artificer armour (if you can spare the points) and place them in cover (ie: Good normal armour save AND cover save for those nasty heavy weapons.)
    Callidus nueral shredder is worth her points alone. I usually use her against FA SM troops (esp. in objective games)

    Some would say get some FAPAGK with melta bombs to take out the tanks, but I'm not a fan of DS - you get shot to bits, and usually the tanks are parked right at the back of the table, so it's risky business to DS near enough to be able to access them on the first turn of walking.

    Maybe some more later...


    Okay, since SM have more models with the same kind of saves as your GKs, I'd recommend getting some storm-troopers (leave the transports at home - those lasCannons will waste them in no time) I usually take 2 squads of 10. 1 squad has melta guns, and the other has plasma - no armour saves
    If there is plenty of terrain, then I'd say add a Rhino with extra armour and PM S-Bolter. I don't like the chimera cuase it's expensive (compared to Rhino), it's got crap BS, and can be popped easier if out-flanked. More consideration should be given to it when the new rules come out though...firing 2 S6 weapons on the move is not something to sneeze at

    Watch out for the marine terminators - they're nasty in CC. If possible make them eat plasma before they get to you (see above) - else use your won termies to kill them off.

    And that's that for now ;|

    =][= Jax

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