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    Rejoinning the ranks

    Well it was nearly 2 years ago i stopped collecting GW and moved on to spending to much time playing WOW but now im back after a trip into a local store and a quick game with the new rules and the new SM codex i feel like i really want to get back into collecting again.

    When i played originally i put a few lists on this site as i really started tog et into making army lists (painting was never my thing but im willing to give it another try)

    Ive got my codex winging its way to me now but was just after a quick run down of changes since i last played and any general tips anyone has about getting back into collecting SM

    Cheers in advance


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    Well, Traits are no more (they sort of come with special characters), squads have to be 10 men to get special weapons (but then some of them become free!)


    Sternguards - I love sternguards, they are great fun with their multiple rounds and are very versatile

    Scouts - Outflank is a great rule. Or, take them in a l/speeder storm and claim an objective in the last turn!

    Sicarius - re roll initiative and loads of other great rules - hes immense!

    Pedro Kantor - makes your sternguards scoring!

    I would wait for the codex - Im sure youll find some stuff that appeals to you

    have fun!

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    Lysander is a close-combat beast that (on paper at least) is very hard to kill.

    There are some new units, including the Land Raider Redeemer, a new Land Raider variant with super-flamers. To give hoard armies something to fear at night, we have the Thunderglass Cannon.

    New to the elites slot is the intimidating Ironclad Dreadnought, it is to regular dreadnoughts what Ironclad ships were to regular wooden ones back in the day, along with the previously mentioned sternguard.

    ATSKNF has been revamped, and most marine squads get a new rule as well- Combat Squads. The razorback has some new weapon options.

    Sadly the basic statlines for the Libby and Chaplain have been brought down since 4th, however the statlines for the Chapter Master and Captain have been buffed.

    For Fast we have a new Land Speeder Storm, a transport that is great for denying deep-strike and transporting scouts.
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