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    in my mind.........................................
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    this post is placed here for the daemonhunters army general tactica me and max_volumez will be making many more of these posts for each of the armies

    basically what we want is general army tactics against the opposing army with a PURE daemonhunters force (PM me if you want to send in a radical strategy)

    in this case it is imperial guard

    please stay on track in this thread
    also mods same for this post please as it is for the same purpose as the marine one

    and there ya go

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    The first thing to remember when facing Imperial Guard is one helpful little fact.

    There is almost always going to be more of them.

    The next thing to remember is another fun little fact that has made many a GK player cry.

    They can focus obscene amounts of tanks and artillery on you if they so please.

    What do the GK have going for them?

    Model-wise GK are better. Completely, in almost every single way. The standard Lasgun needs to get through the shrouding, roll a 3+ then a 5+ (I think) and hope you fail your 3+ Armor Save just to kill one GK.

    In Close Combat, GK only need to roll something like a 3+ or a 2+ to hit the Guardsmen, and even then they're still hitting with S6! And that's STILL with 2 attacks per Grey Knight. If you use Terminators, you're getting 2 S6 attacks with NO armour save.

    Gun-wise, you shoot at the same range, except always firing twice. Your guns are stronger, and depending on the new rules, they also allow no save on the standard guardsman.

    Troop and weaponry wise, there are two pieces of equipment that make mince-meat out of Imp. Guard.

    Incinerators- No armour save allowed on the normal Guardsman, no need to roll to hit, you can cover TONS of models at a time if you place it right, you don't need to roll high to wound, AND if you're fighting Jungle Fighters or Ghosts they don't get their cover save! This is pretty much the perfect piece of equipment for Guardsman killing.

    Land Raider Crusaders- Not only can these bad-boys let you toss Terminators out, and even in relative safety, they've got excellent armour and perfect weaponry. Their Hurricane bolters toss out 6 shots a turn, then they can throw in the Assault Cannons and Multi-Melta. The third weapon won't cause much damage against the little Guardsmen, but after you've dropped Terminators down to rampage amongst the Infantry, the Multi-Melta is damn near perfect to rip apart any and all tanks the Imp. Guard will throw at you.

    Now, there are some things that are likely to give you a seriously hard time.

    Stormtroopers- They can infiltrate, have a higher Sv and better BS. Also, they can be taken as a troop choice depending on the doctrines chosen. They've got more mobile weaponry, and a slightly better gun. But when all's said and done, the moment you get into CC they die (almost) just as well as the normal grunt.

    Autocannons- They still give you your beautiful armour save, but they're extremely likely to wound your Grey Knights. Not too much of a problem as you can just drop the platoon they're in.

    Lascannons- The universal anti-armor. It can only kill one GK a turn, but it will almost always make that kill. If they miss, you're safe. If it hits, pick the GK you hate the most. Like the Autocannon, these are commonly within a platoon. Rip the platoon apart, and you kill the heavy weapon.

    Leman Russ/Leman Russ Demolisher- Side sponsons and the main cannon are a b**** to deal with. Above all, these guys are the most likely to be a serious problem. Don't cry yet though! Take a LRC and force your opponent to choose between the LRC or your troops. A choice between losing loads of infantry, or a tank. The Multi-Melta can make short work of it. Furthermore you can take a squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with two melta-guns and Krak Grenades to go Tank hunting.

    Basilisk- This is devastating when it hits. But it does have a tendency to miss. If you're really worried, use the Stormtrooper squad mentioned above to fry it.

    Now, some basic tactics for dealing with the numerous horde are...

    Incinerators- Make sure every squad of GK has at least ONE incinerator. Two if they're gonna' go straight for the infantry.

    LRC- This can rip apart almost anything he throws at you.

    Tank Hunters- Specifically, Ten-Man squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Two melta-guns, and Krak grenades all 'round. Mount them in a Rhino or a Chimera if you're REALLY worried about their safety. If you want to be absolutely certain, you can always give the Sergeant a power weapon too. This makes them useful after smashing the tanks.

    Leadership!- They cut and run. A lot. With the new rules leadership is their biggest flaw. Assuming every squad has a vox, take a Vindicare assasin. Have him snipe their leader, followed by the platoon commanders. You can also throw some GK at them.

    Deep Strike- Deep striking a GK squad with two flamers can rip a BIG hole in his precious troop base.

    Terminators- There is NOTHING in his army that can come ANYWHERE near matching your Terminators. Use them to their best effect. Namely, killing anything that needs killing. Smashing command squads, or tanks, these guys do it GREAT.

    Allies- If you want meat-shields, take a platoon of Imp. Guard.

    Daemons- Keep an eye out. He can (And most likely will) bring in some sort of big daemon or daemon packs. These can be a hamper in your plans. If need be, you can bring in an Inquisitor tooled up to take them out, OR you could lead your army with a Grandmaster. Either option results in squashed Warp-Spawn.

    Remember at all times. He has more, but you've got better.
    If a tree falls in the forest, and it lands on a mime, does anyone care?

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    Actually about the lasgun's its 4+ to hit. LOL


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