So I played 40k back in the day, late 3rd edition and early 4th. I played Orks and CSM, with a brief foray into DE. After that I was lured into Fantasy by the New OK army, and gave my 40k armies to a friend of mine.

After reading Flight of the Eisenstein, I feel the time is ripe to return to the Imperium, and I wanted to create a pre-heresy Death Guard army. As my knowledge of the changes to rules and armies is limited, I was hoping for some impressions on the viability of such a force.

Death Guard tend to shun jump packs, Chaplains, Bikes, pretty much anything fast. Their strategy is basically take anything that hits them and shrug it off, while stoically and relentlessly advancing. The list would be further limited by lack of certian vehicles that were not rediscovered pre-heresy, such as Land Speeders, Land Raider Crusaders, Thunderfire Cannons, and possibly Razorbacks, (clarification on any of these, and other units would be welcome).

So, keeping as strictly to fluff as possible, would this army be worthwhile? Or would it simply be hindered by lack of certain options and struggle to place in tournaments?