The idea went around recently for a new Social group, which i have now laucnhed and invite you all to join if it suits your interest.

I give you, The Imperial Sect.

This idea behind this group is for it to act as a home for Fluff based IG Armies. Personally I get an idea in my head how I want my army to look and feel whilst I play them, and try to design a list around that whilst keeping it tactically sound and competitive. With the release of the new codex this has become even more of a possibility as our tactical options are now more diverse allowing huge variety of fluff based armies that can be fielded and work.

The Primary aims of the group are…
  • To allow members to build fluff based IG Regiments, Races or whole Systems and develop them with ideas from other INTERESTED members to good level of detail including…
    • Race History
    • Race Military Structure / Organization
    • Military Style
  • Help each other devise tactics and unique ways of playing unusual builds to keep fluffy armies competitive.
  • Have a bit of fun discussing ideas, units and whatever else comes up whilst building up our armies both in plastic on the table and there history’s on paper.
Being based in a Social group has given the group some limits but while ever we are only a small gathering this is not a problem. Complete Regiment stories and information will be uploaded to a website which im building in the next few weeks. If the group exceeds the limits of a social group which would be fantastic hopefully the wonderful people at LO can accomodate.

I hope to see some of you there.

Mercian x