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    Beginner Army Build

    Alright there isn't a battleforce for Witch Hunters, so I guess I'm gunna buy my starting army separately. Anyway, I'm new to this forum, and I don't know if a thread like this exists anywhere already but in computer/tech forums they post builds of computers based on a budget made by the OP...very helpful. Anyone want to give it a try here except with models?

    I have a budget of $200 not including the codex and need a playable army. Id like it to be a pure Witch Hunters army with no allies or any of that, so lots of Sisters of Battle and the like. I like shooting style armies but don't want to be useless in CC. I was thinking:

    Troops: 2 SOB squads
    Elite: Sister Repentia w/ Mistress
    Fast Attack: Seraphim Squad
    Total: $207

    Feel free to scrap that entire list and suggest something else if you know it will end up sucking, I have no idea what is good or bad here, I am going purely by looks lol.

    Most of the people I play with are using battleforces still (were all pretty new to Wh40k), so I want to be able to make a decent 500 point army out of what I buy to play with them untill they get more.

    Anyway thanks for the help and awesome forum you guys got here, seems to be a cool community.

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    Hello Doefromwherever,

    Welcome to the Librarium Online and to the wonderful world of the Sisters of Battle! I am just starting my army too, and have never played. But may I chat with you about your list? We can pass the time until one of the Veteran players here chimes in

    Saint Celestian I believe is not fieldable in an army less than 1500 pts. It's a pity because she is beautiful and pricey point wise. But you could use the model as your Canoness until your army grows to size

    I would take out the Repentia(for now) and bring in another squad of Seraphim. Let's see, we can't quote exact point values here, but just guesstimating,

    1 Canoness(with Jump Pack, the Celestine model)
    2 Seraphim Squads(merge into 1 ten sister squad)
    2 Sisters of Battle Squads

    would be about 450 pts or something? With grenade upgrades and things you might be able to get a bit closer to 500 pts. You won't have any strong close combat, but I've been told the low initiative on the Repentia means they usually are killed before they get to swing their powerful blades. Having a bigger Seraphim unit means you will get a better chance to use your precious Faith Points, which will be few at this point value.

    Anyway, I hope I didn't get anything terribly wrong with my reasoning. May the Emperor bless and guide you and your Sister Sororitas in these dark times!

    Petite Francois

    P.S. Do you live in the USA? The Warstore online mail order store offers 20% off GW products, and only charges $5.95 for shipping the in the USA. You could get the 4 forty dollar box sets, the 20 dollar St. Celestine and maybe squeeze in one more box? That would definitely take you over 500 pts
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    Well francois has the right idea, a good 500 point army will never need repentia, truth be told a good "any" list will not need repentia, they are to frail, slow (in combat and in movement), and expensive point wise to use effectively. So here is a perfect choice to buy for a starter army.
    2-Rhinos (Maybe buy a immolater, as it is a Rhino, and you get some kickin decals and add-ons
    2-SoB squads
    and a Cannoness (or Celestine, she can be represented as a canoness in regular play pretty easy) and you have a 500 point army! Yay!

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