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    The Start of My Sisters Fluff (Comments please)

    ORDER NAME.... The Holy Order of Saint Repanse de Lyonesse (shortened to 'Repansers' as a nickname)
    ORDER FOUNDING... In Progress...year 999,M41
    ORDER MASTER.......Hiero-Saint in Training 'Petite' Francois de Lyonesse
    ORDER CONVENT... Convent Lyonesse
    ORDER HISTORY......Planet Hovai, and the Hovaian star system are a sleepy backwater region of space. Hovai was recently rediscovered and the planets are thriving feudal agro worlds now in development. The Imperium is setting up house using planet Hovai as base, and trade and space commerce is beginning to occur. The Mineral rich moons are attracting fresh interest by xenos and pirates.

    Convent Lyonesse is being populated by newly recruited Novices and is not yet baptized by fire. At the time of this recording, a mere 20 sisters are present to set up the Battle Mission houses.

    As a gift from the Emperor, ancient relics from Terran Heiro-Saint Repanse de Lyonesse have been sent to the order. Remnants of the Saint's DNA reconstructed from a hair found on one of the Saint's relics was used as the base material to clone the chapter's Founder Hiero-Saint in Training 'Petite' Francois de Lyonesse. Francois is routinely monitored by the Inquisition, which hopes that she will exhibit some of the super human qualities attributed to her ancient ancestors. (Francois is represented by, and uses, the Saint Celestine special character rules in standard games. In friendly games she will be based on a previous edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnia rules for Repanse de Lyonesse.)

    ORDER HOMEWORLD.. Planet Hovai in the Segmentum Tempestus Quadrant
    ORDER HERALDRY... A fleur de lys with wings and a halo. Not for general usage.
    ORDER STANDARD..An image representing Saint Repanse

    ~~ Vidpic of Battlesister Armor and Livery for records ~~

    Hi Librarium Online! I got this great worksheet from "Bolter and Chainsword'(all rights reserved by them) and thought I would work on it here with all of you. Would you be kind enough to comment and critique what I have so far? I am totally new to 40K fluff and background, so there are probably huge errors I am not aware of.

    My purpose was to base my Sisters a little bit on the Special Character from editions past of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, the Bretonnian heroine Repanse de Lyonesse. I do assume that ancient relics were passed down and preserved by various churches and cults throughout a presumed history where Repanse existed in some form compatible with 40K. The project to recreate Repanse as a clone/genetic reconstruction Petite Francois I do not know if this tech exists in any way shape or form in the Imperium, but it's very 'Dune' like, don't you think? In friendly games I want to adapt the rules for Repanse out of the Fantasy book and update her equipment a little bit and let her go on the battle field.

    I like the idea of starting my Repansers fluff as a founding occurring right now, in the present day. It adds a role playing aspect to collecting and painting the models.

    Hovai is of course, 'Hawaii'. I am trying to make a location where I can incorporate the players I will play against regularly into a little micro-cosmos, rather than trying to tie in directly to too much established fluff.

    Well, I look forward to your questions and comments,
    Petite Francois de Lyonesse

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    Interesting idea, incorporating Fantasy characters into your fluff. I might have to steal it; I quite like the idea of having Blood Knights caroming around as "counts as" Rough Riders. They're too bloody expensive to justify buying just to use in WFB

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