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Thread: Officers.

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    Hi, im very new to playing IG.
    I have a codex and a squad of guardsmen, (pityful i know)

    I was just wondering what is the Officer, can a normal guardsmen be used?
    and can the officer be equit with a Plasma pistol and Powersword.

    And the command squad, is it ok to have 4 heavy weapons?.

    Any tips /advice / recomendations please. Thanks alot.

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    Hold off for a couple weeks and get the Codex, check out the preview copy at your local GW or FLGS.

    Officers lead command squads, either at the platoon (1 Troops choice) or company (HQ) level. They run the show, give orders, and the like. Plama Pistols and Power Sword are options, but I wouldn't recommend them (combat is a bad place to be, expensive upgrades that don't help your army).

    Command Squads have have up to 4 special weapons, and 2 heavy weapons (takes 2 men to operate a heavy weapon), but that means no medic or standard bearer.
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    i'm fairly sure command squads will be the same as currently where it's only allowed 1 heavy weapon team.

    but anyways, back to the OP.
    yea, first; make sure you're forming your army with the new codex that's coming out in a couple weeks. it'll be the one that has like 10 different kinds of tanks, an airplane, and a bunch of special characters in it.

    at its smallest, for a basic list, you'll need one command squad (HQ choice) and two veteran squads (2 Troop Choices.

    the command squad has your officer and 4 veterans, all of whom have a myriad of options to them including either each having a special weapon, 2 crewing 1 heavy weapon, or other special roles like standard bearer or medic.
    each veteran squad will have a veteran sergeant and 9 veteran troopers, they have almost as many weapon options, though are only limited to 3 special weapons and 1 two-man heavy weapon crew.

    so right there is 25 guys. how you make them look visually is up to you, so regular guardsmen can work for your officer, if you want him to be an officer who's more about function than flash. just add a couple bits or paintjob so it's still distinguishable that he's the officer in your army, same for the sergeants. generally, it's easiest to show that by just them having them hold a pistol and sword instead of a rifle or shotgun.

    edit: after you read the book, you'll see all the directions you can take those 3 squads in plus any future units you add to your force to expand the list. best just to use common sense and your own preferences when deciding on options to make an army to your own liking.
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