Hello people,
I was looking threw white dwarf and saw very intresting rules for Salamanders, and decided to repaint my entire ultramarines army. (They were my first army, and a sloppy anyway.) Anway, this is what I have.

1 Space marine hero (power arrmor, power sword, storm bolter)
1 Space marine hero (Same with terminaotr armor)
1 Chaplian (Bolt pistol, power armor.)
Comman squad (stand bearer, techmarine, apocathairy, vet serg)
1 Dreadnought (assault cannon, power fist, stormbolter)
10 Veterans (Space wolf blood claws. I need to do some converting)
x2 10 space marines (7 bolters, 1 missile luancher, 1 flamer,1 vet serg b pistol ccw
10 Space marines (7 bolters, 1 heavy bolter, 1 flamer, 1 vet seg b pistol ccw.
5 scouts (ccw's)
1 Razorback (heavy bolters, storm bolter)
2 Rhinos
3 Bikes (1 serg with power weapon)
6 assault marines (4 with bolt pistols ccw, 1 with Plasma pistol ccw, 1 serg with bolt pistol ccw.)
1 Whirlwind
1 Predator (lascannons, heavy bolters, storm bolter.)
5 Devastators (Lascannon, Heavy bolter, Meltacannon,plasma cannon, serg.( space wolf converting)

Can somebody help me with a list?

Thanks a bunch.