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    Soul Drinkers army

    Well, I had considered it, and dropped the idea, but I recently read Hellforged, and I'm back again: I'm starting a Soul Drinkers army. I know the idea's pretty much done to death, and everyone has their own take, but in light of 5th edition and the events of this most recent novel, I wanted to get the ball rolling again.

    To start, I'm basing my list on Codex: Blood Angels, just not necessarily for the reasons you would think. I think that their specialty in boarding actions, lightly-equipped infantry-heavy forces, lends itself well to C:BA. Besides that, I feel that the characters are represented best by this Codex.

    Sarpedon was the hardest, but I think he could be best represented by Chaplain Lemartes. Let me explain...
    Crozius = Force Weapon. I know, not quite, but close.
    Rosarius = Sarpedon is tough.
    Bolt Pistol = Bolter. Obviously. Again, a small adjustment.
    Jump Pack = Spider legs. Sarpedon is fast and capable of scuttling almost anywhere.
    Death Mask = "The Hell." There are no psychic powers that affect Leadership anymore, and while this effect is relatively minor, I feel like it gets the point across.

    Chaplain Iktinos could obviously be represented with a standard Chaplain, with plasma pistol. I don't see any rules against more than one Chaplain fielded at a time, so I hope that works...

    Then, there's the Death Company, which is basically a required unit for this army. I'm thinking that they could represent Iktinos' flock, since they've been described as completely fanatical. Plus, they come from a combination of tactical and assault squads, so I can arm them with a mix to keep the same flavor.

    Other characters are easy enough to throw in, as well.
    Apothecary Pallas would be part of an Honor Guard.
    Captain Luko would be part of a Veteran Assault Squad, less jump packs.
    Tyrendian could represent his lightning bolt power with a Plasma Gun.
    Scamander's pyrokinesis could count as a Flamer or even a Meltagun (can't wait to model him!)
    Graevus and Salk are just sergeants of their respective types, and on top of that, Graevus and his Assault Squad would count as a Troops choice. I've been taking notes on more surviving sergeants' names, too, to build the force up.

    From there, it's a matter of details. Go light on the heavy weapons; the Soul Drinkers tend to stick with flamers, plasma guns, a few missile launchers, and the odd heavy bolter. Vehicles are, for the most part, not used, with the exception of Drop Pods. Drop Pods not only support their "Cold and Fast" battle doctrine, but can be represented by any number of alien craft they scavenge from around their Space Hulk or other sources.

    So, that's it. I just wanted to open up the discussion again in light of 5th Edition and see what opinions other people have. Thanks for any input.

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