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    Sister.. You forgot the cheese!

    Thousands of Adeptas Sororitas without jobs. Some find themselves employed as waitresses by new Guardsmen regiments popping up across the galaxy. But since Vulkan He'Stan layed off the (sometimes) sexy Sororitas by the hundreds, most return to their now destitute monastaries.

    A bold move by He'Stan! But his reasoning is sound, given the economic crisises plaguing the Emperor's holy galaxy, the regiments of Imperial Guard offer a much more cost effective fighting force. And the Guard happily oblige, relishing the oportunity to wield He'Stan's painstakingly crafted wargear. While the Adeptas Sororitas may yet have a few trump cards up their sleeves, enabling them to find the occasional employment along side the great Forgefather, they yet lack the understanding of a time honoured tradition that warrants a full time position as He'Stan's new favorite ally. A tradition known as min/maxing.

    And understandably so, why would the great contain well over half of his arsenal in lock up, when the Guard can wield so much more?

    And Sister, please. I asked for that cheese over an hour ago!


    Command Squads with 4x Melta/Flamers.
    Special Weapons Squads with 3x.
    5 Infantry Squads with one each.
    And Heavy Flamer bearing Chimeras for them all. Well. Except the Special Weapons Squads. The Emperor hates them, and so they must walk!

    Outflanking or Deepstriking Storm Troopers with Meltas
    Supported by an Outflanking Sentinel Squadron with Heavy Flamers
    As well, even more Outflanking units with Creed!
    All of which being coordinated by an Astropath.

    All I have to say is, it's a damn good thing Guardsmen cannot be taken as allies!

    I've recently become a fan of this thing called Dubstep. And you should too.
    Datsik & Flux Pavillion - Crunch (Youtube)
    Da Moo Kowz is da drinkinest Orks of dem all!

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